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Reaction to the Governor Rauner's bill signing 'not good'...

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he is pro-choice, and he won't apologize for it. The governor yesterday told reporters in Chicago that he supports a woman's right to choose, regardless of her income. That's why he says he signed a new law that will have Illinois taxpayers pay for abortions for women on Medicaid. Democrats at the Illinois Capitol say the law protects a woman's right to choose. Conservatives say the law will force taxpayers to pay for something that many of them don't support.
Some of Illinois' most conservative lawmakers are vowing to never support Governor Bruce Rauner again after the governor signed a law to have taxpayers pay for abortions. State Rep Peter Breen said the governor broke a promise when he signed the law yesterday. Breen said he's watched the governor's inability to lead for months, but the 'broken commitment' on the abortion law is the final straw. Breen said hundreds of elected Republicans, and hundred of thousands of Republican voters feel the same way.

>>> The following statement can be attributed to Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti in response to Governor Rauner’s decision to sign HB 40.

“As a pro-life Republican, I disagree with the Governor’s decision to sign HB 40. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for a 15-year-old refugee who chose to have me and keep me.

“I realize this bill is a political ploy to divide the people of Illinois. While I disagree with the Governor on this, we must focus on our areas of agreement – enacting real reforms we need to turn Illinois around.”

>>> Attorney General candidate Erika Harold released the following statement after Governor Rauner announced he would sign HB 40:

“The Governor personally reached out to me about his decision, and I know he did not reach it easily. While we disagree on this issue, there remains much on which we agree - and that is what unites us as Republicans. We both agree on the need to make Illinois more competitive, we agree on the need to lift up the less fortunate and we agree on the need to crack down on corruption and wrongdoing. As I have stated several times in the past, as Attorney General, I will enforce all of the laws of the state.”

>>> State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner announcing on Sept. 28 that he will sign House Bill 40 (HB 40) into law:

“Gov. Rauner’s decision to sign legislation that will now force taxpayers to pay for all abortions, for any reason, for those on Medicaid and who are state employees, is beyond disappointing.

“This is a significant change from a national policy that taxpayer dollars do not fund elective abortions.

“Illinois is still facing a financial crisis. Not only can taxpayers not afford this, but polls show that the majority of people in our country don’t want their tax dollars funding abortion.

“As a mother of four, I am pro-life will continue to stand up for the unborn and taxpayers.”

>>> The governor’s decision to sign a law protecting women’s reproductive health rights is an important step forward, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton said Thursday.
“These protections ensure women have access to the reproductive health care of their choice regardless of economic status. It is an important step forward here in Illinois at a time when so much at the national level appears to be going backward.”

>>> After yesterday's disappointing news that Governor Bruce Rauner signed HB 40, Susan Wynn Bence, president of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women, released the following statement:

"As the president of the largest Republican women's organization in the state of Illinois, it is disappointing that Governor Bruce Rauner signed HB 40 without heeding the guidance of our organization and its members. An organization that values life. Not only is this bill contentious by all accounts, but the fiscal ramifications of the bill are still unknown. The focus should be on guiding Illinois to a solid fiscal footing; instead, democrats continue to push divisive policies that endanger our state and its fiscal viability."

>>> Congressman Adam Kinzinger Tweeted: Gov. Rauner made the wrong decision signing #HB40 today. I am disappointed by his choice & will continue to fight for the sanctity of life.

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Rauner Signs Abortion Rights Bill

- Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has signed HB40, the bill that expands Illinois abortion rights to include state employees and those covered by Medicaid. Rauner says that after listening to both sides, he finds that while the moral arguments of opponents are powerful, but says he must be true to his pro-choice beliefs.

He says he believes a woman must have the right to decide what goes on in her own body. Rauner's decision touched off an immediate flood of conservative opposition, including calls for a primary challenge, which he seemed to take in stride. He said, "Politics is politics." The bill also guarantees that abortion rights would continue in Illlinois if the Supreme Court's Roe versus Wade decision were ever overturned.

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Kevin Funk sentencing date set for October 31st

A rural Milford man, convicted earlier this month of attempted murder and aggravated battery to a police officer, will learn his fate on Halloween. 30-year-old Kevin Funk was convicted by an Iroquois County jury (Oct 13) for a 2016 attack on Iroquois County Sheriff Investigator Clint Perzee.

Funk admitted at trial of throwing a tomahawk at the officer when Perzee and Investigator Erick Starkey went to arrest Fund for felony sex offenses.

Iroquois County State’s Attorney Jim Devine said Funk faces a minimum 20 years for attempted murder of a police officer. The potential sentence, he said, is elevated because the victim is a police officer. Funk will have to serve 85% of the sentence.

The same jury found Funk ‘not guilty’ of sexually abusing his 9-yr-old step-sister several times until she was 14 years-old. Based on the jury’s ruling, had Funk not resisted the arresting officer, he’d be a free man today.

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Caretakers charged in resident's death at Good Shepherd

Felony charges are on file against two caretakers said to be responsible for the death of an elderly resident at the Good Shepherd Manor in Momence. An autopsy report of Charles McLaughlin indicates he was left inside a hot van for three hours. He died in June at the Good Shepherd Manor.

Good Shepherd Manor is a home for men with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Daily-Journal reports Elizabeth Cook and Heidi Jones were Charles McLaughlin's caretakers on June 11, the day he died after being left in a van on a hot day. Both women have been charged with two Class 3 felony counts of criminal neglect of a long-term care facility resident resulting in death.

A Class 3 felony charge carries a minimum sentence of two to five years. At the judge's discretion, the term can be up to 10 years.

Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jim Rowe explained that ‘reviewed every single document, every single training manual, every report from the paramedics, from the facility, from the sheriff's department, and it’s his belief the standard of care that a patient should be entitled to in a long-term care facility was not met."

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Veteran Suicide Awareness Golf Outing Saturday at St. Anne

2nd Annual Buddy Check 22: Veteran Suicide Awareness Golf Outing is Saturday at Oak Springs Golf Club in St. Anne.

A “Live” 94.1 WGFA Remote Broadcast will air from 1-2 pm

It’s noted approximately 20 service members commit suicide every day. One in five veterans suffer from PTSD. Buddy Check 22’s mission is to bring awareness to this undertreated epidemic.

Buddy Check 22: Veteran Suicide Awareness Golf Outing raises funds that are going directly to 1Pet 1Vet. Their mission is to save lives of our country’s veterans through the connection, love, and support of specially trained dogs. They match a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of combat military service with a carefully selected canine.

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