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A two vehicle crash at the intersection of US 41 and CR 950N involving a passenger car and semi this (Wed) morning in Newton County, IN.

A Kentucky semi driver was northbound on U.S. 41 just past 7 am when a car collided with the semi in the intersection. Sheriff’s Police report a 16 year old Lake Village female was eastbound on CR 950N. Both drivers were transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Indiana: Traffic Stop Nets Numerous Drug Charges

A traffic stop on I-65 in White County, IN (Tuesday) led to numerous drug charges against the driver.

A stop for speeding and the trooper detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After further investigation marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine and Fentanyl were found inside the vehicle. 32-year-old Frederick Smith of Chicago was arrested for possession of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl.

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Buckingham man dies in Kankakee County crash

47-year-old Richard Probst of Buckingham was identified as the driver involved in a fatal crash (Wed) morning on Route 115 at Kankakee County Road 15,000 W. Illinois State Police report Probst was westbound when crossed the centerline and ran into the ditch. The vehicle went air-borne and overturned. The driver was dead at the scene.

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Closing arguments this afternoon in Funk trial

The jury is hearing closing arguments today (Wed) in the Kevin Funk trial in Iroquois Circuit Court.

Defendant Kevin Funk took the stand late this morning, telling the court he did not intend to hurt anyone; he just wanted to scare Officer Clint Perzee, who was there to arrest Funk for sexual abuse.

The 30-year-old Funk is standing trial for attempted murder and 3-counts of predatory criminal sexual abuse. And 3-counts of sexual assault. A conviction could bring up to 38 years in prison for the felony offenses.

The state’s case against the rural MIlford man stems from an August 2016 case. Sheriff investigators Clint Perzee and Eric Starkey had gone to the Milford residence to arrest Funk for the sex offenses, involving a family member. But after questioning, Funk admitted to the jury he threw a tomahawk at officer Perzee, severely injuring the deputy.

During his testimony, Funk told the court he didn’t want to go to jail and wanted Perzee out of his house. Funk said “I didn’t mean to hurt him; I live with this (what I did) everyday.”

Perzee testified earlier, the tomahawk was thrown at him, expectedly, from just a few feet away. Perzee said he raised his arm to prevent a blow to his head or neck.

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Freedom of Information Act request filed against Iroquois County Board members; improper email use alleged

Iroquois County Board member Chad McGinnis says he’s all about government transparency, and he’s “tired of behind the scenes and back-door actions” of some county board members.

McGinnis (Tuesday) requested FOIA documentation, asking for emails from other county board members. McGinnis is led to believe county board chairman John Shure, ETSB Chairman Charlie Alt and Judicial & Public Safety committee members are using personal emails to skirt the laws of the Open Meetings Act and Local Records Act.

McGinnis claims by not using their official government emails, the said elected-officials are conducting illegal meetings.

McGinnis has also included in his FOIA request the Edgar County Watchdogs, a two-man team that waves its flag about pointing out illegal and improper government actions. The Watchdogs have relentlessly pointed fingers at Iroquois County government and alleged wrongdoing.
McGinnis insists he has no issues with the Edgar County Watchdogs, and it’s his hope, they will partner with him to expose those conducting government business using personal email as a means to evade the Open Meetings Act and Local records Act.

McGinnis adds, it’s a common practice of government officials using personal email to evade the public right-to-know and it certainly was a key issue in Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and her use of personal email.

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Bicycle crash in Iroquois County

An 18-year-old teen from Ford County was ticketed by Illinois State Police after the bicycle he was operating (Monday) was hit by a passing car on Route 45 in Iroquois County.

David Craft of Melvin was cited for Improper Operation of a Bicycle on a Roadway. Polcie report Craft was riding the bike southbound near County Road 1600 N at about 8:40 pm. 46-year-old James Kilby of Danforth was driving his car, also southbound, when he struck the bicycle. Craft was treated for a minor injury.

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