Unit #9 Preschool Screenings (Ages 3-5)

Unit #9 Preschool Screenings (Ages 3-5)

Free developmental screening is being offered to families with children three (3) to five (5) in Iroquois County.  Children three to five years of age will receive screening for vision, hearing, speech and overall preschool skills.  Free preschool classes are available to children who qualify.  Children attending spring screenings will be given the first opportunity for PREP preschool.  Appointments are necessary to make sure all students move through the screening in a timely manner.

Screenings for Iroquois County Unit #9 children ages 3-5 will be held on Friday, April 23rd from 8:30 am-2:50 pm.  They will be held at the Unit #9 District Office.  Call the Nettie Davis School at 815-432-2112 or Iroquois Special Education Association at 815-683-2662 to make an appointment.

Due to COVID protocol, masks will be required by everyone attending the screening and toys will not be provided in the waiting area.  It is requested that only the child and one adult attend the screening.  If you are unable to make the screening in your school district, you can schedule one in another district.  Preschool screening is a service of the Iroquois County Public Health Department, Iroquois Special Education Association, and the local school district.

Event Information

Event Date April 23rd, 2021, 8:30am
Event End Date April 23rd, 2021, 2:50am
Location Iroquois County Unit #9 District Office