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Iroquois County: Truesdell Guilty of Predatory Sexual Assault

A former Donovan man is facing a minimum sentence of 34 years in prison after he was convicted in Iroquois Circuit Court Thursday for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault (5 cts) and (1 ct) of Criminal Sexual Asasault.

44-year-old Keith Truesdell was found guilty by Judge Gordon Lustfeldt following a bench trial in Watseka.

State’s Attorney Jim Devine said the victim, now 14-years-old, provided key, believable testimony during the trial……….

                                                    :23  (assault)         #  42

Court records revealed the assaults took place between 2007 and 2011 in both Iroquois and Kankakee counties.  The original charges included 23 counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault and 13 counts of Criminal Sexual Assault.  The Predatory versus Criminal differential is because the victim was just nine when the crime started.

Devine said there will be a lengthy jail term………….

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