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IMH management team: Focus on the future, meet community needs

A new management team onboard at Iroquois Memorial Hospital is turning its attention to meeting the needs of the community’s future.

Global Enterprise Management LLC (GEM) is working with the IMH Board of Directors and Executive Team. Don Williams and Quentin Whitwell are in place as CEO and president, respectively.

Williams tells WGFA News ‘the challenge is to grow, reinforcing IMH as the premier healthcare facility in the region. Williams says transition means change, but the challenge is to grow ---

"The Board has challenged us to grow the organization. Jobs are posted," Williams said.  "IMH is growing/"

Williams puts emphasis on jobs and filling positions……"We need people and will be hiring.  If we're going to the best we have to hire good people. We're not curtting, we're growing"

GEM is passionate about improving the viability of rural hospitals nationwide. There’s a heavy focus on working the IMH Team, to represent a commitment to strengthrning the long-term viability of the Independent Healthcare facility.

Again, Williams says it’s about the best for our population, what our community needs. IMH, he adds, is committed to providing quality healthcare services for the region in a convenient caring environment.

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