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Iroquois County Board postpones opposition to F.O.I.D. Card Act

An Iroquois County resolution to oppose the state’s Firearm Owners Identification Card Act was returned to committee for further review. The County Board issue was diverted back to committee to re-word language in the resolution.

Although most agree the FOID Card Act is not accepted, the resolution’s language raised questions about the county saying it SAHLL NOT support enforcement of the act while banning personnel from enforcing the act.

Board member Leanne Duby and Sheriff Derek Hagen, both of whom support the 2nd Amendment, said the FOID Act isn’t popular, but the county can’t force officials from doing what they do – enforcing law.
The sheriff said he doesn’t agree with a lot of laws, but his department still has to uphold what’s law.

Area sheriff’s and state police agree. If a law is in place, it’s OK to object and make your statement but the law is the law. A person or a government can’t lobby to change and state their case, but that doesn’t mean the enforcement goes away.

Sheriff’s in the area refer to the cannabis being legalized too. They’re not happy with it, but the law is the law. It’s law enforcement and prosecutor’s jobs to apply the law.

The County Board voted 11-5 to send the matter back to committee to clean up the wording banning enforcement of the FOID Act.

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