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Watseka mayor wants council onboard with push for ‘best business practices’

Watseka Mayor John Allhands says “the time is now” to find direction for the city’s future. And he wants the City Council’s support.

The mayor unveiled a list of matters in need of immediate attention, telling the full-Council (last week) “we have to get away from that old cliché of kicking the can down the street” and make the decisions to move forward.

Allhands knows the flooding will happen again. Steps are being taken to find solutions. But he also says the city’s water and sewer department needs call for action – and list of potential bidders and appraisers would be money well-spent......

"We held a special meeting and agreed to purue this matter, so why the change of heart ?" Allhands asked last week. "In the past we've spent money on matters not as significant as this. Why can't we spend a few thousand to compile a list of bidders and appraisers ?"

Allhands believes compiling the list of potential companies that could operate the city’s water & sewer operation is not taking away from the current operator, ERH Enterprises. It’s just due-diligence.

The mayor says it’s about educating the decision-makers, not to sell the system to the first company stepping forward.

"A public hearing had people telling us that's what they wanted...to attempt to keep the system in-house and get an appraisel."

Allhands says he knows the entire Council supports doing what best for Watseka’s future. But it will take spending research monies to push forward – and allow a lingering problem to fester.

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