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Dugan: Parkhurst’s claims on exit 312 progress another example of Saying One Thing, Doing Another

Following incumbent Lindsay Parkhurst’s touting of progress on the exit 312 interchange project, state Rep. candidate Lisa Dugan issued the following statement:

“Once again, politician Lindsay Parkhurst is taking credit for something she did absolutely nothing to contribute to. Lindsay Parkhurst claims that the I-57 exit 312 interchange project was stalled for 15 years, but if she had been actively engaged in the community, then she would know that Phase 1 started in 2011 after I helped to secure the funding in May 2011. Meetings have been held between the City of Kankakee, stakeholders, and the Illinois Department of Transportation beginning in 2011 and in subsequent years ending in 2015. It should also be noted that Phase II of the project was included and funded in IDOT’s 2016 MYP contrary to statements made by Parkhurst.”

“If anything stalled this project, it’s Lindsay Parkhurst and her allies in Springfield who continue to block reforms that would help our state invest in our infrastructure and fund vital capital projects that would benefit our communities,” Dugan continued. “Lindsay Parkhurst has refused to vote for balanced budgets that fund investment in infrastructure, public safety and our schools. Whether it’s claiming she supports domestic violence shelters while voting against any funding for domestic violence victims, or pointing to local projects that her allies have repeatedly blocked funding for, Lindsay Parkhurst is just another politician who says one thing at home and does another thing in Springfield. As state Representative, I will not only advocate for local infrastructure projects for the Kankakee area in Springfield and work with all members of the community to bring critical developments to our area, I’ll stand by my word by actually voting to fund them.”

“Lindsay Parkhurst’s statements on this issue show that she hasn’t been engaged in our community or on this project,” said Kankakee Alderman Carl Brown. “Lisa Dugan’s record of commitment to Kankakee is unmatched, and as State Representative she’ll fight for resources for our community not just when it’s politically convenient, but because it’s the right thing to do.”

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