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Rutherford Wants Sexual Harassment Suit Tossed

(Springfield, IL) -- Dan Rutherford is planning to ask a judge to toss out the sexual harassment lawsuit against him. His attorneys will head to court tomorrow to try to convince a judge that there isn't enough evidence to prove Rutherford engaged in any misconduct. The allegations came up a few months ago while Rutherford was trying to land the GOP nomination for governor.

A former employee at the state treasurer's office says Rutherford made unwanted sexual advances toward him during an overnight retreat. He also says Rutherford disciplined him when he refused to do campaign work on state time. Rutherford has shot down the allegations, claiming it was a political attack to kill his campaign, which it did. Rutherford finished last of the four candidates on the primary ticket.

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Bruce Rauner delivers his ‘skake up Illinois” message in Kankakee

Republican gubernatorial candidates Bruce Rauner told a Kankakee audience Wednesday "he'll know Illinois is on the road back when Kankakee County is thriving again."

At the Majestic Theatre, were some 200 people gathered, Rauner said there's so much work to do. He said the Kankakee area is still important in any Illinois election.
Unemployment numbers in Kankakee County should excite people about the 2014 election.

The 12.1 percent jobless figure is troubling, Rauner said.
Rauner was the guest of GOP Illinois legislative candidate Glenn Nixon. Nixon's message is "Return to Prosperity." Nixon is challenging incumbent State Rep. Kate Cloonen in November.

Raunerstuck to his theme of shaking up Illinois politics. His staff has collected 440,000 signatures to force a statewide vote on term limits. He needed 300,000 signatures, but has a goal of getting 500,000 by May 4.

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Four-year-old sets home on fire

MONTICELLO, Ind.– Monticello firefighters said a four-year-old child who was playing with a lighter started a fire which made his family homeless Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators said the boy was playing with a lighter downstairs and caught a blanket on fire while a teenaged sister was upstairs. Both were able to safely make it out themselves and call 911.

Firefighters said flame and smoke damage has displaced the eight-member household, though two other single apartments in the building were not damaged in the fire.

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Judge says pipeline firms must investigate spill

The Buckeye Partners pipeline group is addressing the recent Limestone Township spill (Thursday). The company along with Wood River Pipe Lines LLC is scheduled to meet at the Kankakee County Sheriff's Complex.

Buckeye Partners are also expected to recognize the Kankakee County Emergency Management Agency.

Meawhile... Circuit Court County Judge Adrienne Albrecht has ordered Buckeye Partners LP and Wood River Pipe Lines LLC to fully investigate the cause of a 1,500-gallon gasoline pipeline spill near Illinois Route 113 last month and provide ongoing environmental monitoring.

An injunction issued Friday orders the companies will have to submit proposals for continual monitoring of groundwater and the Kankakee River for pollution and continued testing of residential wells in the area.

The companies tested 39 residential wells immediately after the spill, which occurred at the intersection of Route 113 and Pipeline Road in Limestone Township. There's been no contamination found.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency determined about 1,500 gallons of a gasoline-diesel fuel mix was released.

The judge's order also requires the companies to provide full reports on their clean-up effort to IEPA. Compliance with the order will be monitored by the court.

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Newton County crash leaves 3 dead

NEWTON CO., Ind.--– Three people are dead after a crash involving a semi and an SUV on Interstate 65 in Newton County this (Tuesday) morning.

The crash happened just before 1 am when an SUV hit a semi that was stopped on I-65 southbound because of a crash that had happened about three miles ahead earlier Monday evening.
The driver and two children inside the SUV died as a result of the crash. A third child was taken to Jasper County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

State Police say it may be awhile before the debris is cleaned up and traffic is moving again. Traffic has slowed down significantly in both directions of I-65. Drivers are advised to take an alternate route and drive cautiously.

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