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Child's Death Sparks Investigation

The state's child welfare agency is investigating to determine if neglect was involved in the death of a three-month-old boy from the Will County town of Beecher. The child was pronounced dead Thursday morning at St. James hospital in Chicago Heights. The Department of Children and Family Services says no other children were involved and they say the agency has had no prior contact with the family.

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Early Voting continues…

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is working with the State Board of Elections alerting voters about the vote by mail process.

There have been complaints from voters claiming they’ve applied for an early-vote ballot but haven’t received it.
If you have not received your vote-by-mail ballot, you can still vote during the early voting period or on Election Day.

Iroquois County Clerk Lisa Fancher advises people election day itself, could be busy. You can cast that early ballot by visiting the Clerk’s office......

Kankakee and Vermilion County officials report well over 1200 absentee ballots cast.

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Pembroke fire investigated

Investigators are looking into another Pembroke Township fire and its connection to four shooting deaths earlier this month.

A Pembroke trailer home where a man was found shot to death October 1st was set on fire Thursday. The location is where a man was found dead in the driveway of the home that Saturday, October 1st.

The victim’s death was one of four shooting deaths that weekend. A father and two of his adult sons were also found shot to death in a nearby home. That house was also destroyed by fire last week.

Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey said the investigation into the shooting deaths continues and the links to the recent fires.

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North Newton teacher placed on administrative leave, bullying case being reviewed

A North Newton High School teacher is on administrative leave while the school district investigates a case from earlier this month.

School Corporation Superintendent Destin Haas reports math teacher Kari Smundin was placed on administrative leave October 5. Haas said the school was made aware of a situation that allegedly occurred a day earlier on October 4.

A 13-year-old student is the subject of an alleged bullying episode in a classroom setting.
Haas would not provide much detail about the situation that allegedly occurred. The school is continuing to investigate.

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River Valley Metro reducing service November 1

Transportation funding isn’t flowing in Illinois. And it’s forcing transit districts to cut back and, in some cases, even eliminate services in metro areas.

River Valley METRO – the mass transit district serving the greater Kankakee area –is included. The agency has announced a temporary service reduction and staff assignments, effective November 1.

Illinois Senator Jason Barickman is hopeful the funding crisis will be resolved soon. He says “this is the result of the no-budget situation in Springfield,” and why –he hopes—people are paying attention ..........

Barickman said this is what happens when there isn’t a budget in place.

The Senator said so many government agencies have been strapped, because the state has no money. This, Barickman explained, “is the reality of not having a balanced budget. There’s supposed to be designated monies available but it’s not there.”

Barickman and other lawmakers are well aware of the transportation dilemma.

Downstate districts, including Kankakee, Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, Danville and the Quad Cities are all forced to make emergency plans or even close down.

River Valley METRO Manager Rob Hoffman said his Board of Directors has explored options and made a decision (Wednesday) to scale-back its services......

The effort is to stretch funding resources to try to make it work thru Decemver 31.

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