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Cubs to pay for more security In bombing wake

Chicago Police are ready with more security outside of Wrigley Field in the wake of the attack in the United Kingdom. The Chicago Cubs yesterday offered to pay for the costs of new security cameras outside and within a few blocks of the field. Chicago Police say the security upgrades will help them keep a better eye on the outside of the ballpark. Wrigley Field managers say extra screenings and bag checks already make the inside of the park much safer.

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Trump Budget would close Peoria USDA Lab

Peoria's USDA lab is on the list of cuts in President Trump's budget. The lab is one of 17 USDA sites that would close as part of the budget released yesterday. Western Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, whose district includes the lab, says the budget and its proposed cuts are "incredibly troubling and misguided." The president's budget would cut about 20-percent of the budget from the nation's ag agency.

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Governor: Something Missing in Budget Plan

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner took to Facebook Tuesday to say the Illinois Senate has agreed to number of pieces to a potential state budget.

But, Rauner said, there is one thing missing.

“We’ve got pension reform done through the Senate. We’ve got procurement reform done through the Senate. We’ve gotten some other things that are very close to being done,” Rauner said during his half-hour Facebook Live event. “At this point, the biggest issue, the one that’s really holding things up the most is the property tax issue.”

Rauner said he wants more than just the two year property tax freeze pitched in the Illinois Senate.

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Illinois Senate approves new budget package

The Illinois Senate approved a new budget proposal (Tuesday) sending it to the House of Representatives for consideration. The bill’s future is very uncertain.

State Senator Scott Bennett of Champaign voted for the budget. He says the plan uses the same spending levels as the governor’s unbalanced budget proposal and contains both cuts and new revenues.

‘’This budget plan will bring necessary certainty and stability for struggling groups to plan for the future and grow,’’ Bennett said.

State Republican Senator Chapin Rose says Democrats voted to raise taxes and have still not balanced the budget.

‘’Unbalanced budgets, higher income taxes, and no property tax relief for Illinois taxpayers – this is typical of Chicago Democrats,’’ Rose said.

The new spending plan was approved without one Republican Senator supporting it. If approved by the House and signed by Governor Bruce Rauner the plan would increase the Illinois personal income tax from 3.75 to 4.95 percent.

And for the first time, customers would pay sales taxes on certain services in the state – including dry cleaning and laundry services, storage units, and tattoos. The sales tax rate on those services would be 6.25 percent.

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Security in place following PBL bomb threat

A written bomb threat discovered in the PBL High School building prompted an investigation and increased security today (Tuesday).

Superintendent Cliff McClure reported the day’s activities went well; the students and staff were great, he said. The investigation was carried out and “little instruction time was lost” as a result of the investigation.

Paxton Police and the Champaign County Sheriff’s department conducted a search. Students’ back-packs were searched and metal detectors were used as students entered the building this morning.

A written bomb threat was discovered in the building by a school custodian Monday evening.

The superintendent’s office sent an automated message to parents early Tuesday morning informing them of the situation. The message discovered in the building referred to a bombing at 9 am Wednesday.

The bomb threat continued to be investigated by police and PBL administration Tuesday.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Paxton police or PBL administration.

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