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Iroquois County: 'Evening meetings' again spark talks

Serving the interests of the people for the good of the future is a spark that may generate new talk about ‘evening meetings’ for the Iroquois County Board.

The concept was kicked up, again, at Tuesday’s 9 am meeting at the Administrative Center in Watseka.

Vince Lamie says he was un-successful in bringing the “Night meetings” issue up a few years ago, but believes it’s time for another look.

“We’ve had new people on the board with new ideas that I’ve not thought about, so it may be time to look it over again and see if there’s any movement,” Lamie tells 94.1 WGFA News.

Lamie said every other civic/governmental body of government meets at night –allowing citizens to not only attend but opens the door for them to take interest and maybe seek office too. That- he says- is what so many opposing the concept don’t want to address.

“The ability of people to get here is key, making the meeting available to come in and then also run for office themselves,” Lamie said. Morning meetings shuts a lot of people out of the process because they have to work.

Board member Chad McGinnis, speaking in support of Lamie’s suggestion, said not all meetings need to be scheduled in the evening, but perhaps a varied schedule would provide opportunity for citizens to take more interest.

Board Chairman John Shure suggested the matter be placed on the policy & procedure committee agenda to get more ideas on the table.

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Kankakee County 'road map' to direct finances

The Kankakee County Board is busy trying to figure out what’s next --- after voters said ‘No’ to a public safety tax in last week’s election.

Board Chairman Andy Wheeler was quite surprised it was the rural voters who denied the tax...which would have generated monies for increased police protection.

Wheeler said a three-year budget plan will have to be followed closely. The whole picture will be reviewed through 2020 with hopes of keeping all departments onboard.

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Solar farms draw interest in Iroquois County

Iroquois County zoning officials have started the process of coming up with an ordinance for solar farms. There’s been some interest; Zoning Administrator Bob Yergler reporting last month that his office has received calls from solar farm companies.

Board member Chad McGinnis put in some time developing a rough draft of a solar farm ordinance.

The draft will be subject for review in the months ahead.

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Kankakee man sentenced to 7 years on federal weapons charges

A 33-year-old Kankakee man was sentenced to seven years in federal prison after pleading guilty to three counts of possession of weapons by a felon.

Andre Davis was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Colin Bruce last week. He had been in custody of the U.S. Marshals Service since his arrest in May 2016.

Last October, Davis pleaded guilty to all three weapon charges. He’s said to have sold the weapons to undercover agents.

Davis had a 2003 Kankakee County felony conviction for aggravated battery to a peace officer and a 2004 conviction for delivery of a controlled substance.

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$5M bond for accused killer in Pembroke murder

Bond was set at $5 million (Thursday) for Willie E. Nichols Jr., who’s accused of shooting and killing his stepfather Tuesday morning. 63-year-old Clarence Riley died of gunshot wounds in what police called a domestic argument in Pembroke Township.

Judge Clark Erickson set bond for the 43-year-old Nichols.
Erickson told the court the higher than normal bond was set due to Nichols awaiting trial for sexually assaulting and impregnating an underage relative in 2013. He was out on a $150,000 bond for that case.

Nichols allegedly confessed to Kankakee County Sheriff's investigators for the shooting of Riley at a residence near the Illinois-Indiana state line.

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