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Barickman vs Cultra for 53rd Senate Seat Stirs Tempers; Record Shows Barickman Claim

Who’s the best voice for the 53rd senate district in Illinois ?  That’s the voters choice March 20th when voters head to the polls for the Illinois Primary Election.

Last night at a “Meet the Candidates Forum” in Crescent City, incumbent Senator Shane Cultra lashed out at the voting record of Rep. Jason Barickman.  Cultra said Barickman voted Yes for rate hikes for ComEd and Ameren while voting No for the Farm Bureau’s tax credit for rsearch.

Barickman said voters need to check the record and not listen to false information.

Audio from the House floor vote last October on the “Smart Grid” HB 3036 supports Barickman’s claim that his vote was corrected after Speaker Rep Joe Lyons acknowledged Barickman on the floor……                                          

The Clerk of the Il House, Tim Mapes, acknowledged dozens of lawmakers experience wrong results on that vote…prompting the nickname “buttongate.”  Changing one’s vote after it was recorded incorrectly, because someone pushed the wrong button is standard operating procedure in Springfield.  Rep Barickman immediately changed his vote after he was incorrectly recorded.

A letter to the Clerk of the House acknowledges Barickman’s corrected vote was recorded.

Published guest-editorials in newspapers clarifies Barickman’s NO vote on the ComEd and Ameren rate hike legislation.


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106th House Candidates Talk about Leadership

The five GOP candidates seeking the nomination for the 106th House seat answered questions about who has the ability and background to lead in Springfield.  They also talked about lowered Medicaid costs, attracting and retaining jobs in Illinois, a right-to-work act….while participating in the Iroquois County Republican Women's Club "Meet the canidates" event in Crescent City.

The newly redrawn 106h stretches from Iroquois and Ford County her locally to Woodford County.

The candidates seeking the nomination in the March 20 primary election include:  Tom Bennett of Gibson City,  Brian gabor of Pontiac, Josh Harms of Watseka, Scott McCoy of Pontiac and Richard Thomas of Dwight.


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Iroquois GOP WOMEN DEBATE Features State Candidates

A spirited debate last night between the Illinois Senate candidates for the 53rd district.  In Crescent City, Senator Shane Cultra and Rep. Jason Barickman exchanged a few barbs over several issues, primarily the budget and who voted for issues that really pertain to the conservative east-central Illinois area.

The Republican Women’s Club of Iroquois County sponsored the event, which also included the 106th House candidates and Iroquois County Board candidates.

The county’s county-wide officers, who are unopposed, also addressed a select-audience of about 75 people at the Crescent City Grade school gym.

County Clerk Lisa Fancher explained the absentee voting process which is now underway for the March 20th Primary Election.  State’s Attorney Jim Devine and Coroner Bill Cheatum also addressed those in attendance.

Barickman and Cultra answered questions about tort reform, reducing the state’s debt, attracting and retaining business in Illinois, the problems with Medicaid, and providing legislative leadership.

Cultra wasted little time lashing out at his opponents voting record…….                                 

Barickman countered, saying mis-information is what voters need to pay attention to…………

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Iroquois County Board will Explore Financial Guidance >

In light of ongoing struggles to get a handle on finances, the Iroquois County Board today (Tues) OK’d a finance committee recommendation to explore the hiring of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), preferably with government experience.

County Board Chairman Ron Schroeder appointed board members Dale Schultz, Jim Meyer, Susan Wyn-Bence and Kyle Anderson to begin the process of seeing if that ideal person is out there – to help part-time board members get a better-understanding of the process.

Finance committee member Rod Copas this is not pointing blame on anyone; it’s just a call to find someone iwht the background to help get a handle on the money matters that’ve been such a  struggle.  Copas said “it’s been a good 90 days or more since we’ve had accurate information to work with.’

Schroeder, Meyer, and Copas made it real clear, Data Processing Director Angela Rutlege’s job is secure; no need for her to worry.   {Rutledge underwent surgery today following a heart attack this past week}

Copas also praised employee Mary Ann Molnar in Data Processing for “a yeoman effort in working overtime to assist with making payroll deadlines” during a difficult time this past week.

Finance Chair, Meyer, assured all concerned this exploratory effort for a CPA would help a everyone.  He said the financial expert could assist all departments, including the board chairman and budget committee in helping to understand the budget process.


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Iroquois County GOP Women Host 'Candidates Forum'

Iroquois County Board candidates and those candidates seeking state legislative seats will answer questions tonight at a political forum in Crescent City.

The County's Republican Women's Club is hosting the event, which welcomes the public to learn about the candidates prior to the March 20th Illinois primary election.  The event begins at 6 pm. It's at the Crescent City Grade School gym.

County Board candidates seeking seats in District 3 and 4 will answer questions.  

The five GOP candidates seeking the nomination for the 106th House seat are Josh Harms of Watseka, Tom Bennett of Gibson City, Scott McCoy and Brian Gabor of Pontiac, and Richard Thomas of Dwight.

The Republican candidates seeking the nomination for the 53rd Senate District seat are Representative Jason Barickman and Senator Shane Cultra.

The event is free; the public welcome.


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