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T.P. & W. Train Derails in Iroquois County

CRESCENT CITY --  Six cars on an eastbound Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad (T.P. & W) freight train derailed Saturday (7/7/12) along U-S. Route 24, east of Crescent City.

There was no injury.  There was no hazardous material involved, and railroad repair crews were expected to have the rail line running again by Monday.

The cause of the derailment, which may have been heat related, is under investigation, according to T.P. & W. spokesman Steve Lee.  The derailed cars remained upright.

The six derailed hoppers were the final cars on a 112-car freight train.  The derailment, just east of Iroquois County Road 1800 N, was reported at approximately 1:17 pm.  Crescent-Iroquois firefighters responded to a minor timber fire resulting from the derailment. 

Repair crews were completing restoration work Sunday.


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RELIEF: Heat Advisory Lifted

Heat Advisory

Statement as of 8:13 PM July 07, 2012

...Excessive heat warning has expired...

Temperatures and humidity will continue to gradually fall the remainder of this evening.

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(Advisory: Fireworks Sales)

Newton County, Indiana Sheriff’s Police and the Bureau of Tobacco & Firearms Agency is reminding citizens to be careful where they buy their fireworks and know what’s legal and illegal.

The Sheriff’s Office (Thurs) responded to a complaint about possible illegal possession of fireworks.  Deputies observed firework debris…..large black tubes which are larger than what’s allowed to be purchased at firework stores.  Examination of a firework shell revealed it required proper permitting before it can be fired.  Additional illegal shells were located in an open garage.

The Porter County Bomb Squad was called in along with the Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Agency to dispose of the illegal fireworks.

Police said the homeowner stated he purchased the fireworks from a roadside stand in Hobart (IN) for cash.  No charges were filed against the homeowner, but that person was instructed to be more careful when purchasing fireworks from vendors at roadside stands.


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Train Car Derails at LaHogue

Reports of a train derailment this (Fri) morning blocked the 1st Street railroad crossing in LaHogue.  The crossing at Iroquois County 1800 N and 200 E Road was blocked, according to a source at the scene.  The T.P. & W Railroad had a crew enroute to correct the situation.  No word on what caused the single car to leave the track around 4 am.  No injury was reported.

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Traffic fatality, Tavern Robbery in Kankakee County

A St. Anne man died in a single-car accident Wednesday in pembroke Township.  Sixty-year-old Constantino Torres was eastbound on County Road 6000 S when the vehicle left the roadway and landed in a ditch.  Sheriff's Police investigated near 15,700 E Road.


Kankakee City Police are investigating a robbery at the Jailhouse Rock tavern on 5th Avenue. Two men reportedly entered the business and at gunpoint, one of the intruders jeumped over the bar and fled witn the cash register. No injury was reported.


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