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Mobile Home Destroyed by Fire, No Injury

A dryer fire may be to blame for a blaze that destroyed a home in the Watch-E-Kee Trailer Park east of Watseka this (Thurs) morning.

No injury was reported. The home is listed as a total loss, according to Watseka Fire Chief Dave Mayotte.

A renter, Beth England, called 9-1-1 just before 7:30 am.  She stated the dryer was on fire, then left the structure.  Firemen found the trailer fully involved .  The cause is under investigation.

Sheldon Concord, Crescent City,, Milford, and Martinton provided mutual aide.  IMH ambulance was also at the scene.


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Probation Sentence for setting Brother's Barns on Fire

WATSEKA — A Livingston County man will serve 48 months probation for a Class 2 felony of arson.  43-year-old Leon Kaeb of Forrest admitted in Iroquois Circuit Court he set fire to two barns on his brother’s property near Loda back in January.

Kaeb was also ordered to pay fines totaling $750 and to receive a mental health evaluation.  Before the plea, he was facing a potential seven-year prison term.

Kaeb was arrested Jan. 20 for setting fire to two barns on Jan. 18 at a farm owned and operated by his brother, Eric Kaeb.  Both structures were a complete loss, with damage estimated to be in excess of $30,000.

Court records showed a dispute between the brothers led to the arson offense.


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Kankakee Council to reconsider Tag Days Ban

Tag Days in Kankakee is an issue getting another look.  The City Council earlier voted to eliminate members of organizations soliciting donations on street corners.  It was a public safety issue, according to Mayor Nina Epstein.

Now, the vote to end the practice is being reviewed again.  The mayor says hopefully a compromise can be found.  She said safety and liability led to the earlier vote, which also has to consider the organizations ability to raise money.


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Braidwood Test

Emergency responders gather today to test their preparations for a disaster at nuclear power plants in Illinois.

The Kankakee County Emergency Operations Center will be staffed with several agencies testing their reaction to potential problems at the Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant.  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) takes the lead in directing a scenario that’ll test responsive actions.

The exercise will test each of the emergency plans for each nuclear plant.  It’s an exercise required every two years.  State and local agencies will be tested.


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Former Watseka Principal Roger Eddy to Become New IASB Executive Director

A central Illinois lawmaker will resign his seat to become the new Executive Director of the Illinois Association of School Boards.  Roger Eddy, currently a State Representative in the 109th District, will assume his new job on July 1st.

The Hutsonville Republican has suspended his re-election campaign.  Eddy’s opponents – Brad Halbrook and Kevin Garner – in the new 110th District, welcomed the news but noted Eddy’s name will still appear on the March 20th ballot.

Eddy says he is very honored to be chosen to represent the IASB. ‘’This is a great opportunity and challenge for me,’’ said Eddy in a news release from the IASB.  ‘’This is a great association and I look forward to serving in this capacity,’’ he added.

Eddy has spent the last 15 years as the Hutsonville School District Superintendent.  His career includes 31 years in education as a superintendent, principal and teacher, including a stint as Watseka High School Principal.   Since 2003, Eddy has served five terms in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Redistricting placed Eddy in the new 110th District, which includes all or parts of Edgar, Coles, Clark, Cumberland, Crawford and Lawrence counties.


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