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Illinois foreclosure problems continue

Foreclosure rates in the Illiana area have dropped over the past year, but the decline is getting no help from the state of Illinois.

RealtyTrac gives Illinois the third-highest foreclosure rate in the nation, behind only Florida and Nevada.

Though the foreclosure activity nationwide is up slightly, 3.2 percent since last month, it is still down significantly, 22.1 percent from the prior year.

The numbers not real impressive here. Kankakee County had 721 foreclosure notices filed in 2012, down only a half dozen from 727 the year before.

The number of homes in foreclosure in January and February show 83 in Kankakee, 43 in Bourbonnais, Bradley (18), Manteno (25), and Watseka (8).

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UPDATE: Illinois A-G will not pursue charges against Ford-Iroquois Public Health

Attorney General says No charges against Health Department


* The following information updates an earlier-posted WGFA website story regarding the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department....


WATSEKA --  Iroquois County State's Attorney Jim Devine now confirms the Illinois Attorney General will not pursue any criminal charges concerning allegations made against the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department.

Devine said he was asked by Assistant Attorney General Mary Bucaro to act a spokesperson for her, stating her office will not be pursuing any charges against any employee or the Ford-Iroquois Health Department.

Devine had asked the A-G to "take a look" at financial handling of matters within the local health department. That came after months of accusations at Freedom of Information requests from sources even outside the two-county area.

The A-G's ruling is that "nothing stands out to merit criminal charges and the matter will not be pursued."

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Agency on Aging report: No flaws found in audit of Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department

BLOOMINGTON – An investigative report of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department reveals ‘no evidence to support fraudulent expending of grant funds.”

That’s the finding in an audit conducted by the East Central Illinois Area AGENCY on AGING.

The Bloomington-based agency, which serves 16 central-Illinois counties, conducted what it calls a thorough investigation of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department on April 2nd.

Planning & Program Manager Susan Real reviewed the purchase of gift cards under the Caregiver Gap Program to make sure cards were used in accordance with Area Agency allowable cost requirements. It allows for the purchase of school supplies, school clothing, etc for the grandchildren/relatives being raised by grandparents/relatives.

The audit also reviewed expenses reported under the implementation of the Elder Abuse M-Team Meetings to make sure meal costs were in accordance with Area Agency allowable cost requirements.

The Agency on Aging Executive Director Mike O’Donnell notes in a letter to the F-I Public Health Department “No evidence was found to support fraudulent expending of East Central Illinois Area AGENCY on AGING Title 7 grant funds.

O’Donnell reports expenses reported were considered allowable with the Older Americans Act Federal Regulations. The report also states Lunch expenses were in accordance with the AREA on AGING Title 7 applications for Fiscal Year 2012 and FY 2013.

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Attorney General not likely to press Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department

Although there’s been no comment from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, indications are, there will be no action taken against the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department or any one employee in the agency.

The A-G’s office recently conducted its review of information provided by Iroquois County.

An absence of any criminal activity appears to be the A-G’s opinion.

Iroquois County State’s Attorney Jim Devine had asked the A-G’s office to “take a look” at the health department’s financial handling of matters. That was after County Board Chairman Rod Copas raised allegations of wrongdoings and other questionable actions regarding finances.

Devine told WGFA News ‘the information gathered was turned over to let the proper authorities take their own look.

"Over 6-8 weeks, volumes of information was acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.  That info was given to me for review," Devine said.  Devine asked the Attorney General for a second opinion and a second look.

Devine said to comment on any specific detail of the investigation would be improper, but the issues raised were all turned over to the A-G.

"Everything that's been presented and brought forward was looked at to see if it was appropriately done," Devine added.

Ford County State’s Attorney Matt Fitton said that it was his “understanding” that the attorney general’s office is not pursuing charges because “they don’t see any criminal activity.”

Devine, Fitton, and Copas met with representatives of the attorney general’s office on April 4th

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Bank Customers Warned about Scam

Iroquois County bank customers are being warned again about possible scam artists at work. This latest warning is about debit cards.

The Farmers State Bank of Danforth has issued notice that select customers are being targeted; told by a caller that their debit cards are not working. The caller instructs the customer to hit a certain number then enter your debit card number.

It’s an obvious hoax. Anyone targeted with such a call, should hang up and contact your bank directly.

Several customers with 3-8-3 prefix numbers received an automated-call. Anyone who did happen to ‘enter your debit card number w/out realizing what was going on’…should contact your bank

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