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Pope Francis - selected Wednesday

Pope Francis is the first Pontiff from the Americas. Argentine Jorge Bergoglio is the first Pope ever from the Americas and first from outside Europe in more than a millenium.

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F-I Health Board Member won’t resign, says “nothing done wrong”

Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas wanted resignations from three members of the Ford-Iroquois Department of Public Health Board Tuesday. He said, refusal would mean replacements.

Long-time health board members Diane Clatterbuck and Jill Kaeb refused to resign, Clatterbuck saying nothing was wrong and she won’t admit wrongdoing. Dr. Alexander Michalow didn’t respond.

Copas’ call for resignations and replacement was endorsed by 11 county board members. Some of them, admitted not knowing enough details and wanting answers to questions. But their Yes votes anyway, points to new members soon taking over the health board.

Copas says ‘we need to fix what’s broken.” But other board members say nothing points to anything being broken.

Diane Clatterbuck told the Board there will be no resignation………


Clatterbuck said past practice of the health board has always been acceptable by the County Board. She said suggested problems can be worked out with the county board.

Clatterbuck said Copas’ comparisons of the tax rate with other counties is off base…..

(other counties)

At Tuesday’s County Board meeting, citizen Larry Hasbargen asked board members to do their elected job and ask questions…….


County Board member Dale Schultz did not vote to ask for resignations. He said the board’s vote to force resignations/replacements is wrong …….


Board member Donna Crow has been asking for details for too long………


Board member Jed Whitlow said he too wants answers to questions asked. He said even hardened criminals are entitled to due process. Whitlow questioned info to make informed decisions.


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Meeting rules force postponement in replacing F-I Health Board members

The Iroquois County Board’s proposed plan to replace three of the county's four appointees on the Ford-Iroquois Board of Health was postponed Tuesday. The county board’s meeting agenda did not list the action on the agenda.

Board Chairman Rod Copas had called for ‘resignations of the health board or members would be replaced.’ Copas announced an executive session Tuesday.

After the closed-door meeting, State’s attorney Jim Devine explained that the removal of board of health members was not listed on the agenda…

Devine said, an item that was listed on the agenda — "a motion to ask for the resignation of three existing Iroquois County members of the Ford-Iroquois Board of Health" — appears to be the action that was intended to occur, as decided at a committee meeting last week.

The board then voted 11-3 to approve asking for the resignations of health board members Diane Clatterbuck, a registered nurse from Donovan; Jill Kaeb, a registered nurse from Cissna Park; and Dr. Alexander Michalow, a Bradley resident who has an orthopedic practice at Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka.

Voting to approve the call for resignations were: John Schure, Marvin Stichnoth, Russell Bills, Troy Krumweide, Earnier Curtis, Charlie Ault, Adam Zumwalt, Dan Raymon, Brett Schmid, and Kyle Anderson.

Voting "no" were Donna Crow, Jean Hiles, and Dale Schultz..

Abstaining were Jed Whitlow of Gilman and Susan Wynn Bence of Watseka. Three members were absent. (Scott Watts, Donna Wasmer and Kevin Hansen)

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Watseka woman's death ruled accidental

DANVILLE -- Autopsy results in the death of Amanda Walters-Pentecost are complete. Vermilion County Coroner Peggy Johnson states in a press release that toxicology results show the Watseka woman had a non-fatal dose of methamphetamine in her system.

It also showed no evidence of injury and her death was the result of exposure. The coroner said the death was ruled "accidental."


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Dropped cigarette triggered fiery crash on I-57 at Buckley

An Illinois State Police report states the driver of a semi dropped his cigarette, causing him to hit a guardrail and led to the two-semi crash near Buckley Monday night.

The crash closed I-57 between Onarga and Paxton for about five hours. The drivers of the semis were treated and released.

Charges are pending against one of the drivers, 56-year-old Ricky Hall of Cleveland, TN. The other driver was identified as 55-year-old David Horosz of Amherst, Ohio.

The police report stated Hall’s freightliner was southbound. So was the semi-trailer driven by Horosz. When Hall dropped his cigarette, he was trying to retrieve it when he hit the guardrail. The rig ran off the road, came back onto the roadway, overturned and then hit the other semi. One vehicle started on fire and ignited the other unit.

Buckley, Loda and Onarga fire answered the call. Onarga and Gilman Police, State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation also assisted.


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