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KCC offering conceal-carry course

Kankakee Community College is offering an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Course.

The 16-hour training program satisfies the requirements to apply for an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit. The program includes classroom and firearm range work. The first portion will be at KCC and the second portion will begin at KCC and conclude at the Illinois State Rifle Association firing range on Warner Bridge Road in Bonfield.

For each class, participants must bring a valid state identification or driver's license, Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card and a Resident Alien Card (if applicable).

Participants must have transportation to the range, a hat with a bill (baseball-type hat) and the option of eye and ear protection. Eye and ear protection will be provided to those who do not bring their own. There will be a practical proficiency test on the firing range that students must pass.

For safety, the following are not allowed at the range: shorts, open-toe shoes/sandals, low-cut blouses, sleeveless shirts. Family and friends will not be allowed to wait inside the shooting range.

Participants should not bring their own firearm or any ammunition to KCC or the range. Firearm and ammunition will be provided at the range.

Students must arrive for class promptly. Those who arrive after the class begins will not be admitted and must re-schedule. Participants must be at least 21 years of age.

"Students are expected to follow the rules" said Mary Posing, assistant dean of continuing education and career Services at KCC. "Any student unwilling to follow the rules will be asked to leave the premises."

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Warming trend follows record-cold

Two storm systems may bring snow, freezing rain and rain to the area through the end of the week, but temperatures will be nearly 50 degrees warmer than the start of the week.

A north Normal National Weather Service recording station recorded a new record low of 15 degrees below zero on Monday, according to the weather service. The temperature was recorded at 5 a.m. The previous record low was 14 below zero, recorded in 1999.

Monday's high, 10 below zero, also is believed to be the coldest high temperature ever recorded in central-Illinois, surpassing the old record of 9 below zero set on Jan. 18, 1994.

There's a chance of flurries and freezing drizzle before 7 a.m. Friday, then a chance of rain or freezing rain until about 1 p.m. It should turn to all rain after that as the temperature climbs. It also will be windy with gusts as high as 24 mph. The rain likely will continue into the evening and early Saturday morning.

The sun is expected to return Sunday and Monday.

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White County joins Benton, Jasper and Newton as emergency areas in Indiana

White County, Indiana officials report the county is now part of a travel warning and declared a snow emergency.
White County and 28 other counties were declared emergency areas. Also included are Newton, Benton and Jasper couties.

The declaration helps with any expenses, if they qualify, to help cover some of the expenses of the county's wages, any equipment that has to be brought in to get these roads cleared.

The emergency management office reported stranded motorists and road closures got the state's attention.
"I think with the interstate being closed that was a big part of [being declared an emergency]," Yerk said. "Almost all of our roads for a whole day and a half have been impassable."

People in Chalmers, Reynolds, and Brookston were without power. That promoted the Monticello United Methodist Church to help by opening a warming center.

Carroll County REMC reported all power was on Tuesday afternoon. The state will assess the county's situation when conditions improve.

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Winter Weather Travel Advisory

                                       State Police update for January 8, 2014

Ashkum, IL- Illinois State Police District 21 covering Kankakee, Iroquois and Ford Counties are reminding drivers to take precautions as they travel.

The Illinois State Police are advising motorist to be cautious while traveling today. Interstate 57 is down to one lane in some areas throughout Kankakee, Iroquois and Ford Counties due to snow and ice. Several secondary roads are still snow covered and icy.

Motorist are advised to continue to be cautious while driving, tow trucks will be out removing the remaining 19 stranded vehicles and semis on Interstate 57 and secondary roads. Interstate 57 southbound in the Chebanse area will be down to one lane and possibly totally shut down starting at 9:00 a.m., to allow tow trucks to remove a bus and semi in the median.

All stranded motorist who were taken to the warming centers in the Paxton and Gilman area were reunited with their vehicles yesterday. The warming centers in the Paxton and Gilman area are now closed.

The Illinois State Police are asking drivers to monitor changing weather conditions, limit their travels, and be prepared to allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Drivers are also encouraged to put extra water, food, and warm clothing their vehicle. Please contact your nearest police department if you vehicle becomes disabled or involved in a crash.

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Information and forms for the Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral program are available from the office of Iroquois County Treasurer, Mindy Kuntz Hagan, according to an announcement made by the Treasurer's Office.

The program allows qualified senior citizens to defer all or part of their 2013 property taxes up to $5,000 on their personal residence. Applications must be filed with the Treasurer's office by March 1, 2014 in order to defer 2013 taxes billed in 2014.

To qualify, a person must be 65 or over by June 1, 2014, have a total household income of $55,000 or less, and have lived in the property for at least three years. In addition, there must be no delinquent taxes on the property.

Qualified taxpayers can defer taxes totaling up to 80 percent of the equity interest they have in the home. The program sets up a form of a loan with a six percent interest rate which doesn't become due until the taxpayer sells the property or until after the taxpayer's death.

To apply for the program, the person has to file two forms with the County Treasurer's office. The first form (IL1017 TD) asks for basic information on the taxpayer, their income and their property. It also requires that joint owners agree to the tax deferral. In addition, it requires that evidence be presented of adequate insurance on the property.

The second form (IL1018 TD) is the agreement for the tax deferral. It sets out the conditions of the deferral, including the amount which can be deferred, the interest rate and the arrangements for paying back the "loan".