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Kankakee County Grand Jury Indictments >

Three defendants facing sex charges in Kankakee County are now under indictment.

45-year-old Paul Somers of Bradley is charged with two-counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault and Unlawful  Restraint.  Somers allegedly handcuffed the victim and forced sexual contact at a residence in Bradley.

36-year-old Christopher Silsbee of Chebanse was indicted for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender.  He failed to notify law enforcement about a change in his employment.

37-year-old Gary Lance of Momence was arrested for Criminal Sexual Assault.  He allegedly had sexual contact with a female on Hobbie Street in Momence.

And a Manteno man, Herbert Battermann, was also indicted for Criminal Sexual Assault.  He allegedly had sexual contact with a victim at a campground in Chebanse.

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Police Standoff in St. Anne

Several police officers and agencies responded to an emergency call in St. Anne Thursday night.  A house was surrounded by law enforcement when a gunman threatened to shoot officers and himself.

Police had gone to the house to serve a warrant.  A source at the scene reported police were armed.  A SWAT team was at the scene.  No shots were fired.  No further info has been released.

St. Anne Police, Kankakee County Sheriff’s Police, Kankakee City police and State Police all responded to the 400-block of W. Grant Street.

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Fire Investigation Leads to Arrest In Kankakee

Last week’s fires in Kankakee and Bradley have led to an arrest.  Following an intense investigation by police and fire investigators, 37-year-old Umarian Tally was arrested.  The Kankakee man admitted to setting the fires on Schuyler Avenue and nearly Dearborn Avenue in Kankakee and Bradley.  No injuries were reported.

Kankakee and Bradley Fire and the MABAS 7 unit were all involved in the investigation.  Six fires in all were reported.


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Sheriff Hagen says “not interested” in absorbing Watseka Police duties

Iroquois County Sheriff Derek Hagen says his priority is police protection for the unincorporated areas of the county, and there’s no interest…on his part…in providing for the city of Watseka……

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Any such arrangement, Hagen said, has to show both parties benefitting.  There doesn’t appear to be a scenario that does that.  And to make everyone involved happy would be a long, labor-intensive process.  

Sheriff Hagen also said the city police and county sheriff’s department work well together, each providing back-up to each other when necessary.

The sheriff was asked to meet with the city officials in mid-July to talk about the possibility of combining forces  The sheriff said then, he wanted an open meeting with nothing kept under wraps, so all concerned would know what’s going on……..

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Hagen’s comments were presented to the county board’s Judicial & Public Safety committee Wednesday.

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ABC Disposal Owner Indicted by Feds

URBANA --- The owner of a Kankakee County business is under federal indictment for allegedly filing false tax returns.  A federal grand jury (Wednesday) returned an indictment against Joseph Deno.

The owner of ABC Disposal is accused of filing false tax returns for the years 2005 thru 2010.  The feds say that was at a cost of $700,000.  Deno’s also accused of restructuring cash withdrawls to near $10,000 to avoid detection by auditors.

If convicted, Deno could be looking at 15 years for filing false tax returns and an additional 10 years for money laundering.

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