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Earl Park house fire sparked by explosion

Electrical service in Earl Park, Indiana is back on today (Friday) after what was reported as an 'explosion' last night left about one-third of the town without power.

Four fire departments answered a call around 8:30 pm to a house fire at 4th and Locust Streets. Initial reports indicated a transformer blew out. Firemen found the house in flames. Neighboring properties were spared any damage.

The exact cause was unknown. Firemen were monitoring the site overnight.

The four departments responding Earl Park, Boswell, Fowler and Kentland.

94.1 WGFA

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Momence school board votes to cut 4 teachers

The Momence school board Monday voted to lay off four teachers. It's an effort to save the district $232,000 next year.

Only first-year teachers would be affected, according to the Superintendent's office. The cuts are expected in the lower grade levels, not the high school.

Board President Tom Madison said the board still is working to retain some of the four teachers. But the board must submit layoff notices by Feb. 22.

The district hasn't had a balanced budget for at least five years and landed on the state board of education's early warning list last year. Since 2010, it has lost $1.8 million the state has not paid.

94.1 WGFA

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#9 School District working on FY17 budget

Health, Life, Safety work is on the get-it-done list for the Unit Nine School District in Watseka. Sup't Kenny Lee tells WGFA News there's quite a bit of detail to work out. Making sure rooftops are in order is high on the priority list. The high school and the GRS and Nette Davis buildings are in line for work.

The school board approved its resolution to issue $425,000 in general obligation bonds.

94.1 WGFA

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Milford School Board ready for next step, building project all ‘Go”

The Milford (MAPS #124) School District can't say 'Thanks enough' to the district's people who said 'Yes' to a building project. It's a project that'll create a new school and build new memories to support the past.

The MAPS #124 school board is opening new bids this week and ready to move forward with its building project.

Board President Mary Ronna said "we're confident building will start this Spring and the people, who supported this project, will find this a real plus. We feel strongly this is the direction to move toward."

Original bids came in too high. The school board took a step back, re-evaluated, worked with the architect and (Thursday) will look at new bids. Mrs. Ronna said 'it's not uncommon for Capital Building projects like this to force you to pause and take another look.

Despite any street-talk and other comments from naysayers, the project has not gone away and the scope of the project has not been short-changed.

Superintendent Dale Hastings explains the bid opening will be followed with a special meeting of the school board (next month) and the real work comes soon after that.

94.1 WGFA

                                    TOMORROW: The Milford school project is about the future, positive thinkers !

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Crime stats positive for Kankakee

New crime statistics for the city of Kankakee are encouraging. Burglary and theft cases are reported to be at 30-year lows. The number of robberies are down, the 2nd lowest in that same 30-year period. These are 2015 numbers.

Police Chief Larry Regnier reports the overall numbers are some 76% below than numbers from the 2000's.

Chief Regnier says it's a hats-off to citizens and officers. The police staff answers the calls, but it's also the citizens taking the time and being concerned to make the calls and report crime.

Auto theft numbers were up ...by 28%. But the chief said many of those cases could have been prevented. Many of them had the keys left with the vehicle.

Homicides were down one-half from what they were in 2014, The murder rate is still high, down less than one-percent when compared to a 10-year average.

Law enforcement continues to focus on the un-acceptable high numbers when it comes to gunplay.

94.1 WGFA