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Weekend gunfire in Kankakee, one man dead

A man is dead after gunfire broke out in Kankakee over the weekend. A second man was critically wounded from gunshot wounds. No official word yet on whether it's considered gang related.

27-year-old Leroy McDaniels of Kankakee. He was shot and killed about 2 am today.

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Love gets six years on weapon charge

22-year-old Terrell Love of Kankakee will spend some time in prison. He was sentenced in U-S District Court to six years for possession of a gun while on parole.

Love pleaded guilty to the weapons charge before Judge Michael McCuskey. Love was arrested by KAMEG agents for possession of a .22 caliber revolver and was on parole oat the time. He also had previous felony convictions for robbery and aggravated battery to a police officer.

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Harms Questions Constitutionality of Proposed State Budget

Springfield...On May 15th State Representative Josh Harms and fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives fought against over 70 new bills proposed by the majority party that expanded state budget expenditures beyond the agreed upon revenue estimate. With about $3 billion being spent over the initial balanced agreement of $34.495 billion, the new proposed budget indicates that the tax increase of 2011 will continue in order to satisfy the majority party's need to overspend taxpayer money.

Representative Harms said, "This budget is clearly unconstitutional, as it is a clear violation of our State's balanced budget requirement. It includes an apparent tax increase we've yet to hear about because these unbalanced, unconstitutional numbers will need funding somehow. There are unprotected lump sums of taxpayer money riddled throughout these budget bills. Do we really want to give the Quinn administration another political slush fund? Have we learned nothing from the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative scandal?"

The entire Republican House caucus is asking interested constituents to sign their petition, found at member websites (www.repharms.org), to eliminate the tax increase of 2011, and thereby urge the majority party to adhere to Illinois' constitutional right for a well-balanced budget.

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Lay-offs in Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department

Twenty sheriff's deputies in the Kankakee County department have received formal lay-off notices. They're effective July 13th, according to Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # 150.

The union has filed a grievance asking the lay-offs be rescinded. The union statement is that the loss of the 20 deputies will severely impact public safety in Kankakee County.

The lay-offs are part of the continuing budget struggles in the county and the city of Kankakee.

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Iroquois County Public Health Department budget on public display

The proposed 2014 budget for the Iroquois County Public Health Department is available for public review in the Iroquois County Clerk's Office.

The board of health will vote on the budget during its May 21 meeting, scheduled for 7 pm at the Administrative Center, Watseka.

Comments on the budget can be made by contacting Public Health Administrator Dee Schippert or board of health members Michelle Fairley, Lauren Luecke, Tammy Pree, Dr. Aravind Reddy, John Shure, James Tungate, Dr. Rodney Yergler or Dr. Philip Zumwalt