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Kinzinger recognizes John Dowling for years of service

WATSEKA – Congressman Adam Kinzinger recognized Watseka resident John Dowling with comments entered into the Congressional Record thanking him for his years of service in the community.

An official copy of the comments were presented to Mr. Dowling at Rep. Kinzinger's Watseka office by staffer Patrick Doggett.

Dowling served 35 years as a teacher and coach in Watseka, 25 years as a board member on the Watseka Public Library Board, and 26 years as a board member on the Iroquois County Board. He will retire from the position of Middleport Township Supervisor at the end of March.

"(John) has been a leader and advocate for many important issues throughout his years of service and has become a well-respected member of the community. While he is leaving his post and heading into retirement, I know that Mr. Dowling will always be there to lend a helping hand or give advice to those in need."

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Mayor Harwood says ‘time to leave egos at the door…” work toward honest solutions for Iroquois County communications

Watseka Mayor Bob Harwood says it's time elected officials put agendas aside and get on with finding a solution to emergency communications.

The mayor tells citizens and officials alike, this 9-1-1 / ETSB issue is a county-wide public safety issue. And he'll do what he has to in the best interest of the city.

Since a 9-1-1board meeting last week, an unidentified Iroquois County Board member has visited county offices inferring lay-offs to solve the 9-1-1 funding matter. That, Harwood said, is because false statements are being made that the city of Watseka is not going to pay its share of dispatch fees, leaving the financial burden on the county.

Mayor Harwood assures the public, their best interests are with public safety. And the distrust, false statements, personality clashes, and hidden agendas have to stop.

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Kankakee budgets for lost revenue

The city of Kankakee's financial leaders are working on ways to handle a loss of $2.4 million in sales tax revenue.

Mayor Nina Epstein indicated at a special finance meeting (Tues) that plans may call for a public safety fee on water bills to avoid lay-offs. The lay-offs, if they happen, could effect the fire and police departments. A vehicle sticker-fee is also being discussed.

Other budget cuts would come into play.

The Mayor explained there's several proposed budget cuts and a re-distribution of money. Epstein said $35 - $40, in her thought process, is not too much to help balance a budget with a loss of some $2.4 million.

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Vermilion County Board Member Resigns

A veteran member of he Vermilion County Board has resigned. Orick 'Corky' Nightlinger of Tilton is stepping aside because he is moving out of District 5.

The 79-year-old Nightlinger has served on the Vermilion County Board for more than ten years. He has served as chairman of the Vermilion County Board's Nursing Home Committee.

His resignation was announced in a news release which was made by the Vermilion County Democratic Party.

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New Iroquois Health Department names Director

A veteran member of the staff at the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department has been named the administrator for the future Iroquois County health department.

47-year-old Dee Schippert of Watseka  has been with the Ford-Iroquois health agency for 22 years.  She begins her new position in May, according to reports.  {An official press release was not made available concerning the hiring decision}.Schippert will serve a one-year probationary period.  She has served in various capacities with the health department, most recently as community and school health coordinator.  She's been a health department employee since 1992.

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