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Iroquois County residents warned of phone scam

The Iroquois County Sheriff's Department has issued another warning about a telephone scam targeting the elderly.

Recent reports to police are that calls are being made to citizens from people claiming to be a relative, usually a grandchild, who has been involved in an accident or been arrested. The caller may identify himself or herself as a police officer or government employee, requesting that the would-be victim wire money via Western Union or Money Gram or purchase Moneypac cards from local stores. The caller also requests that the victim call back once the wire transfer is complete or to provide the information from the back of the Moneypac cards.

Police report other callers have also identified themselves as employee of the IRS and explain to the victim that there was an issue with the victim's tax return. The caller again, requests the victim complete a wire transfer of moneys through Western Union, Money Gram or other means to avoid any further "legal trouble."

Police also report yet a third type of phone scam involves the caller advising the victim that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The caller requests the victim again send money via Western Union or other means to quash the warrant.

Residents are urged not to send money via Western Union or purchase the Moneypac cards in these instances. Once the money has been sent by the victim, it is highly unlikely that law enforcement will be able to recover it. Residents are urged to contact family members or the police if they have any questions about suspicious callers.

Similar scams have been reported in Champaign, Vermilion, and Mclean counties.

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Conference helps young women discover careers in agriculture

NORMAL – Nearly 900 young women and chaperones came to the Illinois State University campus LAST Friday for an agricultural career discovery conference.

The Women Changing the Face of Agriculture Conference is in its sixth year of connecting high school and college-aged women with professionals in the agriculture industry. This year's keynote speaker told the students there really are no limits for what they can do in the agriculture industry.

Participants networked with agriculture professionals in a career fair setting as well as breakout sessions that further explored their interests in agriculture. The conference is coordinated each year by the Illinois Agri-Women.

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Kankakee County ends landfill consulting agreement

A unanimous vote by the Kankakee County Board (Tuesday) ended the county's ties with JDB Consulting Services for that firm's effort to lure a landfill to the county.

The solid waste agreement was costing the county $20,000 per month. The hired-consultant has worked about two years to attract a landfill developer to the area.

The county does have to pay JDB a final installment of $100,000 owed.

The board's action resulted in cheers from about a dozen people present to speak during the public comment session. Darrell Bruck, founder and president of a local anti-landfill group said people had organized 14 of the county's 17 townships to pass dumping restrictions within their borders to fight any proposal.

Bruck's group wanted to end to the contract and continue to push for reinstatement of a countywide landfill moratorium. The County Board also agreed to discuss that issue. The moratorium will go before the Planning, Zoning and Ag committee.

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State funding cut concerns Iroquois, Kankakee County Boards

The Iroquois and Kankakee County Boards Tuesday approved resolutions to formally oppose Governor Bruce Rauner's proposed budget, which calls for 50% cuts in the income tax receipts returned to local government.

Resolutions urge Rauner and the General Assembly to reconsider their proposals to cut funding for county governments. It was noted, the cuts could force new reductions in police protection and threaten public safety.
Municipal government leaders are expressing their deep concern about the effects on local budgets.

The Illinois Municipal League website has compiled a list of how much the cuts would effect individual cities and villages.

The Iroquois County budget, should Rauner's plan happen, would cost more than $500,000 or about 10% of the Iroquois County $5.3 million dollar budget.

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Grace Period Registration & Voting underway

There's still time to register for the upcoming April 7th Consolidated Election. The registration period is open for voters who missed an earlier deadline to update their registration paperwork. The period gives residents one last chance to register before the April 7th Election.

County Clerks note that those registering now through April 3rd will not be able to vote at their regular polling place on Election Day. Instead, they will be required to vote, on the spot, when you register.

Questions can be directed to your County Clerk.

To register to vote, residents must be United States citizens, 18 years of age or older by April 7, 2015. You also need to provide two pieces of identification, one of which verifies your current address.

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