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Kankakee County Board says ‘No’ to moratorium, but does not favor landfill

Kankakee County Board members (Tuesday) voted against returning a moratorium to the Solid Waste Disposal Plan. But members made it clear, they're not in favor of a landfill.

New language will be the next step in the plan. The matter is going back to committee with hope that new technology will be included in the solid waste plan. Any landfill development would call for newer, stricter guidelines.

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Iroquois County Board OK’s wind turbine setback change, 14-4 vote

It's meant to give non-participating landowners more protection. The setback requirements for wind turbines built in Iroquois County were given more teeth in a 14-4 vote (Tuesday) by the County Board.

New turbines will need to be at least 12 'rotar diameters' away from the property lines of the non-participating landowners. The current ordinance states turbines must be at least 12 rotar diameters from structures, but only 15-hundred feet from property lines, of the non-participant landowners.

The newly-approved ordinance change does not change the 1,000 foot distance turbines are required to be from those structures located on land that's leased to a wind farm operator.

According to terms of the proposal, landowners would be able to waive the setback requirement, but only if the tower is located no closer than 1,000 feet of a primary structure or property line.

The Zoning Board of Appeals didn't have the support to recommend the changes at a recent meeting. The County Board's Planning & Zoning Committee took up the matter last week, then took the proposed change to the full Board.

Citizens present at (Tuesday's) county board meeting sp0oke in favor of the new changes.

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Dogs Rescued From Suspected Puppy Mill Transported To Chicago

A number of the dogs rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Kankakee County are being nursed back to health at a no-kill animal shelter in Chicago. Officials say the animals were transported to PAWS Chicago in order to be prepared for adoption. They were removed last week from a home in St. Anne. Rescue crews found the dogs living in poor conditions while suffering from health issues.

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County Boards meeting today

A forensic audit of computers in the former Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department is expected to be a topic of discussion at today's (Tuesday) Iroquois County Board meeting.

The computers use by past and present employees of the health department have been scrutinized for several months. Much of the criticism has been pointed to past employees, but many of the employees still onboard seemingly, have escaped the sharp criticism of their use of computers while on the job.

The Solid Waste Plan in Kankakee will be reviewed again when the Kankakee County Board meets this morning. Some people have pushed for a moratorium on any future landfill, but others want the county to keep options available for maybe a new revenue means.

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Budget challenges for Vermilion County

The Vermilion County Board Finance Committee is looking at suggested long and short-term plans in dealing with budget matters. Board Chairman Mike Marron said it's a matter of paying attention and double-checking each other.

Marron says the budget process will be a priority starting in May. The finance committee met last (Mon) night to talk about the department head needs to focus more on the short and long-term goals.

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