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Gibson Area Hospital reports baby boom

                    Excitement for new OB unit

GIBSON CITY — Just opened on November 24th, a lot of smiles surfaced in a hurry in the new OB unit at Gibson Area Hospital.

Three new babies arrived after months of waiting for the hospital's move into the new DeWall Maternity Unit. Hospital administrators and staff have waited to open the new addition, under construction as part of a major renovation since 2012.

Charlie Kate was the first-born in the new unit. The daughter of Brooke and Gordon Allen of Hoopeston actually started the labor process in the hospital's old OB unit.

Kristen Fredericks and Andrew LaMarr, of Piper City, also became new parents in the DeWall Unit. Their son, Layten Victor, was the second born that same day.

The honors for the third baby born were bestowed on Samantha Merrill and Ryan Mashburn of Fairbury. The Bloomington Pantagraph reports 'Baby Piper' is their second child.

Not to be forgotten however, is the last baby born in the old unit at Gibson Hospital. 'Baby boy Beau Fields' was delivered by hospital employee Rikee Fields and husband Casey. The Gibson City couple said they are not disappointed in their experience in the old unit because they were among friends and fellow co-workers who made bringing Beau into the world a special occasion.

Mom Rikee said, "We were excited at the potential to be the first birth in the new unit. But in the end, Gibson's OB is so remarkable it didn't matter—it was still a great experience. It is exciting to be part of history at this hospital that's growing and doing big things."

The Fields Family and the Allen Family were celebrated as parents of the "Last and First" babies. They received gift baskets a year's supply of diapers.

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Catalytic converters target of thefts

It's happening again. Catalytic converters are being stolen often. And Kankakee County Sheriff's Police report most of the reported thefts are occurring in the Momence and St. Anne areas. The Sun River Terrace neighborhood is also a popular area.

Police say Chevy Cavaliers are the popular hit.

Sheriff department spokesman Ken McCabe says people need to be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to suspicious activity.

McCabe said guys working on a vehicle, making noise with power tools and hanging around casing out a vehicle is a sure sign 'someone's up to no good.'

Those noticing such activity should get a description, license plate number and notify police.

The converters in question contain gold, platinum, rodium, and palladium. That is turned into a cash refund.

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Vermilion wind ordinance meeting lacks quorum - again

A majority of Vermilion County board members failed to show up Thursday for a meeting of an ad hoc committee considering changes to the county's wind-farm ordinance.

The lack of participation is frustrating the public members of the committee.

Fourteen board members voted this summer to form an ad hoc committee to consider changes, due to concerns of the current ordinance. Those 14 were then assigned to the panel along with members of the public.

The committee has met five times since then but has failed to have a quorum for three of its meetings, including Thursday, when its work was supposed to be finalized.

Five of the 14 board members were there Thursday along with several members of the public. Despite numbers, the group moved forward with presenting specific proposals for ordinance changes.

The committee plans a final meeting in January before taking recommendations back to the county board.

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McLean County judge appointed to vacancy in 11th Judicial Circuit

                 Position includes Ford, Livingston counties

An Associate Judge from Bloomington will fill a vacancy in the 11th Judicial Circuit, which includes Ford and Livingston counties. The Illinois Supreme Court has appointed a McLean County judge J. Casey Costigan. He'll fill the seat of Chief Circuit Judge Elizabeth Robb who retires December 31st.

The 11th Circuit also includes Logan, McLeran and Woodford counties.

A news release from the Illinois Supreme Court confirms the appointment.

Costigan, a Bloomington native, expressed his appreciation for the confidence of Chief Justice Rita Garman and the Supreme Court.

Costigan's initial appointment as an associate judge was in 2006. He was was reappointed as an associate judge on two successive occasions — in 2007 and 2011 — during which his bar approval ratings exceeded 97 percent.

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Gasoline to average $2.60 in 2015

                                        Prices dip locally to $2.33

Gasoline prices across the U.S. are expected to average $2.60 a gallon next year. That's the prediction from the Energy Department.

That's 23 percent below the projected average for this year and the lowest since 2009. If this prediction holds true, the price drop will save U.S. drivers $100 billion over the course of the year.

In its most recent short-term energy outlook, released Tuesday, the Energy Department cut its gasoline price forecast for 2015 by 35 cents a gallon. It was the second cut of more than 30 cents a gallon in two months.

The average national price of gasoline fell to $2.66 a gallon Tuesday, according to AAA, 61 cents less than last year. The national average has fallen every day since Sept. 26.

Locally, gas prices have been reported as low as $2.33 in Clifton and $2.49 in Momence.

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