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Attorney General not likely to press Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department

Although there’s been no comment from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, indications are, there will be no action taken against the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department or any one employee in the agency.

The A-G’s office recently conducted its review of information provided by Iroquois County.

An absence of any criminal activity appears to be the A-G’s opinion.

Iroquois County State’s Attorney Jim Devine had asked the A-G’s office to “take a look” at the health department’s financial handling of matters. That was after County Board Chairman Rod Copas raised allegations of wrongdoings and other questionable actions regarding finances.

Devine told WGFA News ‘the information gathered was turned over to let the proper authorities take their own look.

"Over 6-8 weeks, volumes of information was acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.  That info was given to me for review," Devine said.  Devine asked the Attorney General for a second opinion and a second look.

Devine said to comment on any specific detail of the investigation would be improper, but the issues raised were all turned over to the A-G.

"Everything that's been presented and brought forward was looked at to see if it was appropriately done," Devine added.

Ford County State’s Attorney Matt Fitton said that it was his “understanding” that the attorney general’s office is not pursuing charges because “they don’t see any criminal activity.”

Devine, Fitton, and Copas met with representatives of the attorney general’s office on April 4th

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Bank Customers Warned about Scam

Iroquois County bank customers are being warned again about possible scam artists at work. This latest warning is about debit cards.

The Farmers State Bank of Danforth has issued notice that select customers are being targeted; told by a caller that their debit cards are not working. The caller instructs the customer to hit a certain number then enter your debit card number.

It’s an obvious hoax. Anyone targeted with such a call, should hang up and contact your bank directly.

Several customers with 3-8-3 prefix numbers received an automated-call. Anyone who did happen to ‘enter your debit card number w/out realizing what was going on’…should contact your bank

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Former Kankakee Man pleads guilty to armed bank robbery

36-year-old Brian Williams of Columbus, Ohio faces a 25-year prison sentence for the 2009 armed robbery of the Shapiro Developmental Center Employees Credit Union in Kankakee.

The former Kankakee resident plead guilty in federal court in Urbana April 17th. He faces sentencing August 28th. Williams also faces a mandatory consecutive terms of 7 years for carrying a firearm during the robbery.

Williams was arrested in September of 2012 in Franklin County, Ohio. The charges stem from a three-year long investigation by the Project Safe Neighborhoods Task Force.

Also arrested was co-defendant Frank Black.

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KAMEG search warrant leads to arrest

KAMEG agents conducted a search warrant at 404 N. Adams Street in Kankakee Saturday night. During the investigation, agents seized cannabis, (15) clear plastic bags containing approximately 5.1 grams of powder cocaine, a digital scale, drug paraphernalia and drug packaging materials.

28-year-old DAndrae Washington was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of cannabis (2.5- 10 grams) and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver within 1000 feet of a park.

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Iroquois Flood Threat Subsides, River Levels Dropping

Monday Morning Update: 4/22/13

As the new work week gets underway, the threat of flood waters in Iroquois County have weakened. The Iroquois River and Sugar Creek have crested. River levels have been dropping.

Minor flooding at Chebanse and Iroquois continue, but any threat of severe flooding appears to be over, barring no additional heavy rainfall.

The City of Watseka has barricades in place at usual flood sites, but water levels have been receding. Watseka Public Works Department has barricades in place at N. 4th Street (near the Nettie Davis School), N. 5th and Elm, 6th and Ash. Radio Station Road (1973 E 1950 N) was under water, closed by Middleport Township.


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