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Rankin attack last November leads to attempted-murder charges

Felony charges of attempted murder are now filed against a Rankin man accused of shooting his step-father-in-law and estranged wife's boyfriend.

The Vermilion County State's Attorney's office added two counts of attempted murder to the existing charges of aggravated battery with a firearm and unlawful restraint against 46-year-old Vernon Scott Lee.

Lee is accused of shooting — Donald Frazier, his step-father-in-law, and Jeff Turner, the boyfriend of his wife, Emily Lee, who was separated from her husband. Records show there was an order of protection against Lee prior to the shooting on November 5.

Vermilion County sheriff investigators reported that Lee, armed with a handgun, entered the rural Rankin home of the Fraziers, battered Don Frazier, shot him multiple times, tied him up and left him in the back yard of the house. He then lured his estranged wife and Turner to the house. Lee then attacked Turner, shot him multiple times, and later he shot himself in the back yard.

All three men survived. Lee has been in custody at the Vermilion County jail on $1 million bond.

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16 Warrant Arrests in Jasper County sweep

The Jasper County, Indiana Sheriff's Office reports 16 arrests (Thursday) after warrants were issued in a county sweep. Eight other law enforcement agencies helped carry out the warrants.

The Sheriff's Office reported warrants included charges from contempt of court, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct to more serious charges of theft, domestic battery and dealing methamphetamine.

During one arrest on the sweep, a meth lab was allegedly uncovered in a shed.

Other agencies assisting included the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Warrant Task Force, Indiana State Police, DEA, State Police Lab Team, and the Rensselaer, Demotte, Remington and Wheatfield police departments.

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Farm accident training in Iroquois County >

Farm equipment accidents can be all too common in rural Illinois. And – first-responders in Iroquois County will learn more about their roles in such accidents today (Saturday).

"Spring Farm Accidents" is the focus of a continuing-education opportunity for first-responders in the southeast parking lot of the Iroquois County Administrative Center.

The class will teach Fire, EMS and Tele-Communicators what to do in emergency situations involving farm equipment accidents.

Iroquois County 9-1-1, Iroquois Memorial Hospital, and Birkey's Farm Equipment dealership of Gibson City sponsor the program from 9 am 'til 12 Noon. Emergency room personnel, farm equipment experts and 9-1-1 instructors will share educational presentations.

The public is welcome.

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Firefighter / Dispatcher training in Vermilion County

Radio Dispatchers are "often the forgotten link of the whole emergency system."

That comment from Danville Fire Lt. Rich Ervin. And this weekend's fire training in Vermilion County finds firefighters training – with dispatchers – to rescue one of their own.

Firefighters will use the demolition of a home to practice rescuing one of their own. One or two victims will come up lost, according to the scenario. A 'Search & Rescue' Team will go in and locate a downed fireman, cut him/her free, and provide an emergency air supply before removing the person from the building.

Lt. Ervin said the dispatchers provide vital, always-important info and communication for the responders.

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Kankakee County CERTS installing smoke detectors

Residents of Kankakee County can take advantage of a FREE install of smoke detectors.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERTS) and local fire departments will be installing FREE smoke detectors. It's an effort to improve fire safety. The American Red Cross donated the detectors.

The CERTS Team and members of the fire departments will install detectors (Saturday 4/2) in Bonfield and Otto Township. Several other communities will benefit too, over the next 10 Saturday's.

The smoke detectors must be installed by fire departments or CERT.

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