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Traffic Crash Reconstruction Team Rules on December Fatality

An Illinois State Police investigation from a car versus school bus crash last December reveals fatigue may have been a contributing factor in the death of a Braceville man.

29-year-old Matthew Ballenger was killed when his vehicle crashed into the rear of a school bus on Route 113 at Kankakee County Road 7500 West.

A state police reconstruction team said there no motor carrier vehicle violations involved in the accident, which occurred at 7:15 am. Police reports indicated Ballenger was returning home from working a 12-hour shift and it may have been fatigue which led to the crash. Ballenger’s vehicle was traveling at 71 mph and he was not wearing a seat belt.

Six students on the bus were treated for minor injuries.


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>>US Supreme Court Declines George Ryan Appeal

(Washington, DC)  --  Former Illinois Governor George Ryan isn't going to be getting his day in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Justices denied a motion yesterday to hear his appeal of his 2005 conviction and prison sentence on racketeering and fraud charges.  Ryan had been trying to get the Supreme Court to hold hearings on the case for almost eight years, claiming jurors were given faulty instructions. 

He was released from prison last month and is now on home confinement in Kankakee.


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>>Hutchinson Drops Out Of Congressional Race

(Chicago, IL)  --  Robin Kelly gets a big boost in the race to replace former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior.  Toi Hutchinson dropped out of the race yesterday and endorsed Kelly.  Hutchinson was considered a front-runner but says she doesn't want to create a rift within the Democratic party.  Hutchinson will continue to serve in the State Senate. 

MEANWHILE -- Former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson believes her chances of winning the Democratic nomination have been given a shot in the arm. Halvorson said she can woo those who had supported Hutchinson and keep the votes from going to Kelly.

Halvorson also questions Hutchinson’s sudden withdrawal and questioned what was behind the decision.

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Newton County Fire at Lehman Manufacturing

NEWTON COUNTY – Fire investigators are looking into the cause of a large fire Monday night at Lehman Manufacturing in Kentland, Indiana.

Seven fire departments responded. No injury was reported. Firemen were at the scene for about six hours. The flames broke out a little before 9 pm.

Kentland Fire Chief Mike Diedam reported strong winds posed a threat to a neighboring business, Agventure D&M.

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Kankakee Major Crimes Task Force seizes $1.6 million cash

Kankakee County authorities are calling it the “biggest bust in county history.” The Major Crimes Task Force seized $1.6 million in what’s believed to be drug money. The cash was found in an auto-transport truck.

The Crimes Task Force used drug dogs to sniff out the money after a search warrant was executed.

Sheriff Tim Bukowski is not releasing any other information, while the investigation continues.


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