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Nearly 10 percent of Illinois adults have diabetes

CHICAGO (AP) -- Illinois health officials are putting out the word about diabetes management and prevention.

The Illinois Department of Public Health is joining the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness about the disease that affects nearly 10 percent of adults in the state. Tuesday was "Diabetes Alert Day," a day set side to raise awareness.

Health department officials say the highest prevalence of diabetes in Illinois is among residents of Alexander, Pulaski and Williamson counties.

People can prevent or delay diabetes by losing just 7 percent of body weight - that's about 15 pounds if you weigh 200 - and through regular physical activity and healthy eating.

And the state provides funding to local health departments and community organizations to offer programs with information about diabetes prevention and management.

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9-1-1 Funding Spirals to Critical Stage >

It’s been talked about before. Now, the funding formula for 9-1-1 will have to change or several 9-1-1 programs across the country may cease to exist.

Illinois HB 3073 is designed to fix a funding gap for 9-1-1. But whether it makes it thru the legislative process is the big question.

Iroquois County 9-1-1 Coordinator Nita Dubble (Due-bull) informed the Iroquois County Board the original $2.00 charge for telephone landlines just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The financial set-up has changed since back then. $300,000 in CD’s and $500,000 was tucked away in a bank account.

Dubble explained, technology upgrades have eaten away at the checkbook.

Projections indicate there’s about a 2-3 year lifespan left. And it’s the County that’s responsible for the program’s existence.

Dubble said her message is a heads-up for the county government. Because the emergency system was created by the local government, it’s that government’s responsibility to make it work.

Iroquois County’s 9-1-1 system isn’t alone. Several across the state are facing the same financial dilemma. A new revenue source is needed.

Legislative discussions have focused on a new fee for cellphones to help cover the loss of landlines.


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Kankakee, Livingston Counties Part of Spring Construction Program

It’s Illinois’ largest early-season construction program ever. Monday, Governor Pat Quinn announced $486 million in road and bridge projects. Included will be projects in both Kankakee and Livingston County. The governor said the investments will put thousands to work across the state.

The resurfacing from Illinois Route 17 to Route 113 has a pricetag of $1,118,000. Also in Kankakee County will be a pedestrian path from Schuyler Avenue to Wall Street in the City of Kankakee.

The community of Dwight in Livingston County will get sidewalk improvements. It’s a cost of $190,000. Also in Livingston County is resurfacing from Long Point Spur to Illinois 116. The cost of the project is $1,800,000. There’s also a bridge replacement over the Vermilion River, east of Streator. The project cost is $300,000.

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Wilmington teen crash investigation continues; drugs, alcohol ruled out

Will County officials report none of the four Wilmington teens who died earlier this month in a car crash had any trace of drugs or alcohol in their system.

The Sheriff’s office and the Coroner’s office are working with the Illinois State police to re-create the accident. It was March 11 when the car the teens were in crashed thru a guardrail and ran into an icy creek near Wilmington.

The Will County Coroner's office has already ruled all four deaths a drowning. The victims were 15-year-old Cody Carter, 14-year-old Matthew Bailey, 15-year-old Micalah Sembach, and 17-year-old Cheyenne Fender. All were from Wilmington and pronounced dead at the scene. They were found the following day.

The vehicle landed in Forked Creek along Ballou Road, just west of Warner Bridge Road.

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Energy Assistance Still Available thru Community Action Agency

The East Central Illinois Community Action Agency still has help available for eligible citizens needing help paying power bills. The Agency says whether you heat with electricity, gas, oil or propane there is still some energy assistance funds available for low-income residents who qualify.

Contact the Gilman office at 210 N. Central Street in Gilman or call 815-265-4685.

Help is also available at the Danville office … 56 N. Vermilion Street or call 217-443-2705.

In order to serve customers in a timely manner, however, all customers must have the following information available:

  1. Proof of income for all household members for the past 30 days;
  2. A copy of their most recent energy bill;
  3. Social Security cards/or print out for all household members; and
  4. A copy of your lease.

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