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Murder at Fairview Motel in Kankakee ?

An autopsy was scheduled today (Thurs) as police are investigating the apparent murder of a woman found Wednesday morning at Fairview Courts Motel on S. Schuyler Avenue in Kankakee.

The Daily-Journal reports 35-year-old Jamie L. Jones of Momence was found in a room by a motel manager.

Kankakee County Sheriff’s Police report wounds suffered by the woman “did not appear to be self-inflicted.”

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Watseka: truck routes questioned again

Another fall harvest season is underway. And a continuing issue is raised again in the city of Watseka. Where and what are the designated truck routes ?

Wear & tear on city streets always points to heavy truck traffic using routes they shouldn’t be on. But then, the question arises – are designed-routes properly posted ?

Mayor John Allhands says "we need to decide the roads to post and how to post them."

The issue was discussed again at this week’s Public Works Committee and Public Safety meetings.

Alderman Dennis Cahoe raised the issue last year. The city officials did meet with local farmers but it’s never been resolved.

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Missing Grant Park man

A search resumes today in Kankakee County for a missing Grant Park man. 62-year-old Daniel Jarski has been missing since Sunday. His van was found in a Hunting Area (#6) at the Kankakee State Park Tuesday.

The county Sheriff’s Department reports the search was suspended last (Tuesday) night due to darkness and safety reasons. Several area emergency response agencies are involved in the search.

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Safety improvements at an Iroquois County intersection

An Iroquois County intersection, labeled dangerous and in need of upgrades, is getting the needed attention.

A fatal accident stirred discussion about CH 4 and CH 23 in the Clifton area.

Bruce Lane represents the Papineau Fire Dept and Riverside Ambulance service. He’s seen too many wrecks......

"Three sites we see too many accidents and it affects the community,"  Lane said. "We need to be proactive and reduce the potential for injury or loss of life."

Lane is encouraged that the county is installing lighted devices on stop signs and stop-ahead signs......

"This alerts drivers, improves visibility."

Iroquois and Kankakee County officials have been approached about the need to make safety improvements. Lane said a study is looking at Rt 115 and Lehigh Road. Rumble strips are installed. LED devises, many believe, would better-alert drivers.

Lane says, admittedly, there’s a lot of local motorists who need to pay attention...

"A lot of local drivers become complacent; they're too easily distracted and don't see the signs until it's too late. This upgrade will give a heads-up," Lane added.  

Iroquois County Board Chairman John Shure says now-approved upgrades should help. Shure also points out, " too many drivers violate the law, and stats also show there's not as many accidents there as first talked about."  Now the county engineer has made improved changes, so this should help."

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African swine fever threatens pork industry

An outbreak of African swine fever is decimating the Chinese pork market, but industry experts say preventive measures make a similar outbreak here highly unlikely.

The disease is spread from pig to pig and poses no threat to humans, but China has culled 24,000 pigs to stem the outbreak.

Here in the United States, there’s no sign of the fever and Illinois Pork Producers Association Executive Director Jennifer Tirey said an outbreak here is highly unlikely.

“One of the reasons is actually because of the cutting-edge way our producers raise our animals indoors now,” Tirey said. “A lot of the reasons for the African swine fever outbreak is that overseas there is still a lot of backyard animal raising. That leads to animals eating different types of scraps and things that are not being monitored properly.”

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