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Riverside's Silhouette Program Wins National Award

                            Mentoring Program Gives Students Up Close Look at Medical Careers

KANKAKEE, IL (September 16, 2013) – Choosing a career in the medical field is a big commitment, but what if you could have a real-life look at that career before making your final decision?

Through a unique medical career shadowing program, area college students have that opportunity at Riverside Medical Center. Sherri Guertin, director of Volunteer Services created Silhouette, a mentor/shadowing program, five years ago and recently received national recognition through the Association of Hospital Volunteer Resource Professionals. Guertin is honored by the recognition and considers it a role as leaders of hospital volunteer organizations to find ways to work with and encourage the next generation of healthcare professionals.

"Silhouette is an in-depth shadow experience for college juniors and seniors who are on an educational track for pre-med, nursing, PA, social work, community health, pharmacy or mental health," Guertin said. As a leader of Riverside's volunteer services, Guertin believes it to be part of her responsibilities to encourage not only volunteerism but also to help the next generation of potential healthcare professionals.

After applying and being accepted to the program, students go through orientation and list the top three specialties they are most interested in. Guertin then looks for physicians and nurses to pair them up. The mentoring program lasts 6- to 8-weeks, during which the student shadows his or her mentor for 4-20 hours per week. Students observe everything their mentor does, including clinic, rounds, procedures, operating room, meetings, lectures and everything in between.

"During my Silhouette experience, I quickly fell in love with cardiac nursing at Riverside," said Kathryn Jacobsen, RN. "Today I am a night shift nurse on 3Med/Telemetry."

Many times, this program is the spark a student needs to become even more excited about career possibilities. For others, it's exactly what they need to show them that a particular specialty or area concentration may not necessarily for them.

"Either way, it's a learning experience they would never have had, and they're so much better positioned to make a career choice based on their experience," said Guertin.
"Silhouette offers these students a unique way to expose and connect them to their field of interest, giving them a clearer direction in their careers and motivating them to continue working hard in their studies, especially for those interested in neurosurgery," said Neurosurgeon Dr. Juan Jimenez, one of the mentoring physicians in the program.

Michael Pyle, MD, and biology professor at Olivet Nazarene University, had been trying to create a similar program for ONU's pre-med students.

"It was nice not to have to build a shadowing wagon from scratch, but rather to hitch our program to the Silhouette wagon that was already rolling," Dr. Pyle said. "It effectively introduces our students to hospital volunteerism and healthcare professions."

"It's possible when these students graduate and are looking for a place to practice, Riverside will already be somewhere they're comfortable with, and we hope they put us at the top of their radar in their job search," said Guertin.

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Kankakee Flood “drill” preps responders for real disaster

                  * Firefighters Damon Schuldt and Bryan LaRoche coordinated exercise for Master's Degree program

KANKAKEE -- Kankakee Community College was the setting for a 'learning and thinking' exercise for emergency responders Saturday.

First responders, including fire, ambulance personnel, hospital emergency rooms, public health, haz-mat teams, emergency management, County radio communications, ham radio operators, CERT volunteers, and several volunteer victims, worked alongside KCC staff and administrators to simulate the aftermath of a campus flood and related emergency events.

When it was over, participants and organizers shared feedback on their response performance to find ways to improve so they're ready should the real event ever press them into action.

The exercise was organized and controlled by Lt. Bryan LaRoche and Capt. Damon Schuldt of the Kankakee Fire Department. Both men are working toward their Master's degree.

Schuldt said the 3-hour drill went well.

"We wanted to stay within our allotted time and we did that; the drill went well," Schuldt said afterwards.

Schuldt said the exercise plan met Homeland Security Exercise requirements. And he said, it's hoped that KCC's lead in preparing for such a disaster will inspire other business and government officials to realize they too have a public safety responsibility.

Organization and participants followed the National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocol.

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Blue Mass at St. Patrick’s Church recognizes 1st Responders

The 8th annual 'Blue Mass' Saturday afternoon at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Kankakee honored the many first responders, who answer emergency calls to disasters.

The Mass recognizes the emergency teams, especially those who died in the line of duty.

The 'Blue Mass' is part of the annual Half-Paddy Festival on the grounds at St. Patrick's Church. It's sponsored across the world by local councils of the Knights of Columbus. The Mass finds communities showing appreciation for the first-responders efforts.

Fallen first-responders were recognized at a ceremony on the Kankakee County Courthouse lawn followed by a procession to St. Patrick's Church. The popular event finds hundreds of people lined up along Indiana Avenue in Kankakee.

Kankakee Fire Chief Ron Young says " it's a humbling experience, we're humbled by the thoughtfulness of the community."

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Farm Safety Week begins; area Ag leaders sponsor programs

Several area businesses are hosting or sponsoring programs this week to promote farm safety. This week – September 15 thru the 21st – is National Farm Safety Week.

"Working Together for Safety in Agriculture" is the popular theme that finds Iroquois Memorial Hospital coordinating a health and safety event Wednesday 9/18).

A program at Mowrey's Auction Company at Stockland finds several businesses onboard, reinforcing the importance of us all making a joint effort to be sure farmers make it home to their family at night.

Agriculture is the largest industry in Iroquois County. Agriculture is more than seven-times as hazardous as other U.S. industries. And, in 2010, 476 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury.

IMH is committed to making safety a top priority this fall. IMH will offer health screens at Wednesday's event at the Mowrey Auction site. The Milford FFA, Milford Fire Protection District, banks, grain companies, and others will also participate.


Farm Credit Services sponsors "Meals-in-the-Field" ....

Also as part of Farm Safety Week, Farm Credit Services of Watseka again visits area farmsites with its "Meals in the Field" program. MORE >

Each day this week, the Farm Credit Service office personnel will provide a lucky farm family operation with a lunch meal delivered on-location. The event promotes farm safety, asking each farming operation to make sure they've reviewed their safety procedures as the fall harvest begins.

Staff members will deliver lunch to a farm family operation and WGFA will visit the Meal-in-the-Field recipients to talk about the harvest and farm safety.

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Indiana yard game squabble leads to stabbings

Sheriff's Police in White County, Indiana were called to the town of Chalmers Saturday night where two people were stabbed, after deputies said a yard game turned competitive and got out of hand.

Witnesses told police a verbal argument ensued between several people playing a yard game. The witnesses said that's when the argument escalated into a physical fight, and several people were stabbed.

31-year-old Christopher Walker of Chalmers, 34-year-old Roy Beatty of Lafayette, 26-year-old Keith Moon of Lafayette, and 35-year-old Michael Reed of Lafayette, all sustained injuries during the fight. Deputies did not confirm which two were stabbed.

Two of the injured people that were taken to the hospital, were treated and released and two were admitted for treatment.

Evidence collected in the case will be processed by the Indiana State Police Crime Lab prior to review of the case by the White County Prosecutor's Office.

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