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Missing Woman Search Continues

The search for a missing Hoopeston woman finds the family of Amanda Walters-Pentecost asking for the public’s help in locating her. The Hoopeston Police Department released the initial information, stating the woman was last seen by family February 1st.

Police say 33-year-old Amanda Walters-Pentecost was last seen in Hoopeston on Feb. 1st. She had talked to a family member on the phone at that time. She is 5 foot 9 inches tall, 140 pounds, has brown hair and green eyes, with several tattoos.

She is believed to be on foot.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts can call the Hoopeston Police Department at 217-283-5196.

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Family Searching for Missing Woman

The family of a missing Vermilion County woman is asking for the public’s help in finding her.

There’s no new information, according to Hoopeston police, concerning the whereabouts of 33-year-old Amanda Walters-Pentecost. The woman’s been missing since February 1st.

Hoopeston Police reported last week there’s nothing that leads authorities to believe foul play was involved in any way.

Friends of the woman say a local business security camera captured Walters-Pentecost leaving her purse near the road.

January 31st was last time Amanda made contact with the family.

Amanda is 5'9", with brown hair, green eyes and several tattoos. Police believed she was on foot. Again, authorities don't suspect any crime behind her disappearance.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Hoopeston Police Department at 217-283-5196.

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Rutherford addresses Kankakee County Lincoln Day Dinner

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is not ashamed to say, Republicans have a problem with inclusiveness. And – he says – if the GOP is to win again in Illinois, that has to change.

Rutherford was the keynote speaker in Kankakee (Sunday) for the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

It’s no secret, the native of Livingston County is leaning toward a run for governor in 2014. He’s avoiding any formal announcement at this time. But he says no matter who the candidate is “with hard work, we (the Republicans) can earn the right to govern Illinois again.”


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Ford County Lincoln Day Dinner features Topinka

Ford County held its first Republican Lincoln Day Dinner in about 15 years last (Thur) night. And Party Chairman Tom Bennett is hoping the event will spark some interest and get more people interested in the political process.

The Lincoln Day Dinner in Gibson City featured State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. She talked about how she’d like to see more women and more diversity in the party.

Topinka said the state’s budget problems will be difficult to fix. She told about 200 attendees “this didn’t happen overnight, and it’s not gonna be solved overnight.”

Topinka said the message is “it’s essential to elect candidates who can solve the financial problems.”


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NICOR: No need to worry about gas smell

The smell of natural gas permeated the air throughout much of Iroquois County this (Mon) afternoon. But NICOR reports there’s no immediate safety concern to worry about.

The smell of gas is the result of NICOR work crews transferring the odorant into their lines. The odorant is the smell that’s added to the gas lines so that leaks are detected. During the transfer process today, some of the odorant got away from the workers and the winds carried the smell through Gilman, Crescent City, Watseka and across to Sheldon.

There is no danger to the public. Work crews are managing the situation.


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