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Kamron Taylor sentenced to 107 years

A 23-year-old convicted killer was handed a 107-year prison sentence Monday. And in doing so, Circuit Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliott told Kamron Taylor "you are extremely dangerous."

Taylor was sentenced to prison for the June 2013 murder of 21-year-old Nelson Williams Jr. Prosecutors say he's a suspect in at least one other death, an unsolved homicide that occurred a month earlier.

Taylor appeared in court for sentencing with the same smug look, shackled and wearing a black and white jumpsuit. He showed little emotion as Judge Elliott handed down the sentence.

Taylor's violent and much-publicized escape from the Kankakee County Jail in April made national headlines. He beat and nearly killed a correctional officer in the escape. Three days later, Taylor was captured in Chicago.
In court Monday, prosecutors revealed Taylor was a suspect in the murder of ex-convict Orlando Wilson just a month before Nelson Williams was killed.

The Daily-Journal also reported Taylor was also a suspect in the robbery of a Kankakee credit union in August 2012. But he's never been charged for those crimes.

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Jeep-pedestrian accident kills Danforth woman

A 21-year-old woman died of injuries Saturday when she was hit by a passing vehicle on Route 24, west of Watseka. Brooke Fleming of Danforth was walking on the highway about 8:30 pm, according to investigating Illinois State Police. The driver of a Jeep told police he suddenly observed a pedestrian in the roadway at 1900 E Road. 88-year-old Frederick Mueller of Milford swerved but was unable to avoid the collision.

Fleming was transported to Iroquois Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead by Iroquois County Coroner Bill Cheatum. The accident remains under investigation.

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Kamron Taylor faces sentencing today

What's in store for convicted-killer Kamron Taylor ? The 23-year-old Kankakee man will learn his fate today in Kankakee Circuit Court for the 2012 shooting death of Nelson Williams Jr. The 21-year-old Nelson was killed in what authorities called a robbery gone bad.

Taylor could be looking at between 45 years and life in prison. He's still facing additional charges for the April 1st escape from the county jail. Taylor was on the run for three days before he was re-captured in Chicago.

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Copper thieves subject of investigation in Iroquois County

It's happened twice now in recent weeks. Iroquois County's emergency 9-1-1 service was taken out of service by copper thieves, cutting and stealing fiber-optic lines.

It happened again early Friday morning. The Donovan 4-8-6 telephone exchange was out of service until the Frontier phone company crews could make repairs. A line was cut around 2:30 am.

Last month, much of Iroquois County went without phones and access to 9-1-1 service for about 20 hours when thieves cut into a fiber-optic line near Papineau. That also started at 2:30 am.

AT&T repair crews were forced to make repairs in the earlier incident. Neither Frontier nor AT&T officials have addressed the matter openly.

Local Iroquois County officials, including emergency responders are expressing concern about the issue. The cut lines and elimination of service have far-reaching effects, other than just the local phone service.

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Donovan 9-1-1 service re-stored, copper thieves cut line ?

The 9-1-1 service in the Donovan exchange of Iroquois County has been re-stored. Now, the matter is stirring up further investigation.

The Frontier and AT&T phone companies have not made statements about reasons for the interruption of phone service. But it's not any fault of equipment in the 9-1-1 center.

The 9-1-1 service was interrupted early today (Friday) when a service-line was cut. It happened about 2:30 am, the same time when 9-1-1 service was taken out a few weeks ago in the Papineau area. That incident was also the result of a cut line at around 2:30 am. The reason for both, it's believed, was copper thieves.

It's the second time now in recent weeks, emergency communications in Iroquois County taken out of service by criminals. Thieves stealing copper by cutting lines; thus taking out emergency service.

The Donovan 486 exchange was affected today. Last month, it was most of Iroquois County without 9-1-1 when a copper line was cut and stolen.

The Frontier Phone Company is expected to have a temporary fix by about Noon today. The source of the problem wasn't immediately disclosed, but Frontier work crews said the 486 exchange was disabled early this morning.

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