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(Watseka, IL) -Raymond James is celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2012. On August 16, 1962, the firm was founded as a different kind of financial services partner. While other organizations were simply selling stocks or mutual funds, our financial advisors were revolutionizing financial planning for the individual.

Since its modest beginnings, the firm has grown into one of the largest financial services firms in the United States, with 2,400 locations worldwide and its stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange (RJF). Raymond James is a respected, multinational company with distinct business units serving a variety of clients, from individuals and small business owners to municipalities, institutional investors and major corporations. In October 2011, the firm marked its 95th consecutive quarter of profitability and its 27th year of issuing a dividend to shareholders, a remarkable accomplishment for any company.

The 50th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the past, but also to celebrate the things that have not changed throughout the years – a spirit of integrity and independence, of entrepreneurialism and empowerment, of collaboration and respect, and a long-standing commitment of putting the client first.


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Watseka Man Arrested for Arson in June 6th Fire

Twenty-year-old Dustin Boyd is charged with Aggravated Arson and 9-counts of Burglary to Motor Vehicles following an investigation from a June 6th fire on W. Park Avenue.

The fire damaged a vehicle and later caught a house on fire.  Watseka Police report Boyd also burglarized several vehicles on the southwest side of Watseka that same night. Boyd is also charged with criminal damage to property.  The Class X felony is punishable with 6-30 years in prison, if convicted.

Watseka Police were assisted in the investigation by the Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department, the State Fire Marshall’s Office, State police Crime Scene Unit and the Watseka Fire Department.

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Two Suspects Arrested in Credit Union Robbery

The SDC Employees Credit Union in Kankakee was robbed early Monday.  Police are reporting two Kankakee men were arrested in connection with the armed robbery, shortly after the incident took place during the noon hour.

32-year-old Brandon Thomas and 28-year-old Deandre Washington are in custody. Police had the suspects in custody in short order after the alleged armed robbers were tracked to a home on S. Washington Ave. The home was less than two blocks from the Credit Union at 296 W. Jeffery Street.

More than a dozen police vehicles surrounded the home a half hour after the noon robbery. At least one of the men was armed with a handgun.



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Alleged Cyber Hacker Foiled in Iroquois County

Iroquois County authorities are reporting an attempt to hack the county computer network.

The FBI has been notified about the attempt to hack on-line bank accounts and an attempt to transfer county funds.  No county funds were lost during the attempt.  Security measures already set up by Iroquois County and the banks prevented the hacking and transfer from being successful.

Additional security measures are being put in place.

The Iroquois County State’s Attorney’s Office and the county Sheriff’s Department are investigating the attempted cyber hack.

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Health Department Continues Green Initiative

Ford-Iroquois counties – The Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department continues to move forward with projects that support their “Green Initiative”.  This week, each employee was given a reusable grocery bag to utilize when shopping.  “It is the many little things that we do that add up to make a big impact,” said Doug Corbett, Public Health Administrator.  “It appears that the reusable bag can hold about four to five times the amount of groceries that would normally be placed in a plastic bag.  If each employee uses the bag just once a week during this year we would be saving over (5 bags saved each week x 40 employees x 52 weeks = 10,400) ten thousand plastic bags in just one year.”


Corbett said the agency is committed to being good stewards of our resources.  “We not only practice “green” when we carry out our business during working hours at the health department, we encourage our employees to utilize “green practices” during their hours away from the agency as well.”

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