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Halloween Trick ‘R Treat Hours >

Community trick or treat hours announced by local officials this week include door-to-door activities; most are Saturday, October 31st.

Ashkum 5-7 pm
Buckley 4-7 pm
Cissna Park 4-7 pm
Chebanse 5- 7:30 pm
Clifton 5-7 pm
Crescent City 5-7 pm
Gilman 4-7 pm
Danforth 4:30- 7 pm
Loda 5:30 – 8 pm
Milford 4-7 pm
Onarga 5-7 pm
Sheldon 5-7 pm
Thawville 4-7 pm
Watseka 4-7 pm

Cabery 5-7 pm
Elliott 5-7 pm
Kempton 4-6 pm
Melvin 5-7 pm
Roberts 5-8 pm
Paxton 5-8 pm
Piper City 4-7 pm
Gibson City 5-8 pm
Alvin 5-8 pm
Rossville 5-8 pm
Hoopeston 5-8 pm
Potomac 4-7 pm
Rankin 5-7 pm (Friday, Oct 30)

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Ford County: GCMS student expelled for code of conduct violation

A unanimous 5-0 vote by the Gison City-Melvin-Sibley school board (Monday) tossed a student for the rest of the school year.  The student was expelled for violation of the GCMS student code of conduct.

Superintendent Anthony Galindo stated an executive session of the GCMS Board resulted in the vote to expel the student and ban that student from all district property and extra-curricular activities.  The student wil be allowed to enroll in an alternative education program.

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Watseka Unit 9 deals with 2nd threat, another evacuation

The Woodland Elementary School was evacuated Wednesday morning after a "threatening mesage" was found on a playing card in a boys restroom.  It was the second such building evacuation in the Unit Nine School distroict in as many days. 

The Glenn Raymond School in Watseka was evacuated Tuesday afternoon after a similar message was found in a bathroom stall. 

Both incidents were determinned to be a hoax.  No students were in any immediate harms way.  Emergency personnel were called to search the buildings.

The Woodland students were allowed to resume class after an about 30 minute evacuation.

The school district's One Call Now message system to parents made them aware of the situation.

Police are investigating the cases.

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Grant help for Watseka flood victims

The Illinois Association of Realtors through the Kankakee-Iroquois-Ford Association of Realtors has announced a grant up to $500 for victims of the July flood. The grant is to assist residents of Watseka with unexpected financial needs caused by the July flood. Homeowners and renters are eligible to apply for the grant.

The grant is open until January 15, 2016. Grant applications are available at City Hall in Watseka.

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GRS students resume normal acitivies in Watseka

Classes are back in session and a normal school day is expected at Watseka's Glenn Raymond School after a bomb threat forced an evacuation Tuesday afternoon.  All students and staff were reported safe.  No one was injured when the school building on South Second Street was evacuated. 

Students were bused to the Watseka Community High School as a precuation, according to Unit Nine Superintendent Kenny Lee.  

The threatening message was found in a restroom stall.  Emergency personnel were called in and the building was searched before an all-clear was issued.

The investigation into who was responsible for the threatening message is continuing. 

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