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Republicans gain seats on Vermilion County Board

Republicans got the support of voters in Vermilion County (Tuesday) winning 10 of 15 seats that were up for election for the County Board.

Republican winners included: Darren Duncan in District 1, Charles ‘Chuck’ Mockbee III and Kevin Green in District 2, Charles Nesbitt and Joe Eakle in District 3, and Robert Mitch Weaver and Marla Mackiewicz in District 4.

Also winning a seat was Crisi Walls in District 5, Deanna Witzel and Tom Morse in District 6.

Democrat Cari West joins the County Board in District 7. Democrat winners also included Robert Boyd, Nancy O’Kane and Phearn Butler in District 8, and Becky Stark in District 9.

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New Coroner, Auditor & State’s Attorney in Vermilion County

Tuesday’s election brings new office-holders to Vermilion County. A new coroner and a new auditor will be seated. Jane McFadden, who will be retiring as Commander of the Danville Police Investigation Division, defeated Steve Cornett to win the Coroner’s position. McFadden will succeed Coroner Peggy Johnson, who did not seek re-election.

Long-time County Auditor Linda Lucas-Anstey was defeated by Republican Bill Wright.

Others winning county offices running without opposition include Circuit Clerk Dennis Gardner, Recorder of Deeds Dave Stone, and State’s Attorney Jacqueline Lacy.

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Parkhurst wins 79th Illinois House seat

Republican Lindsay Parkhurst defeated Democratic incumbent Kate Cloonen for Illinois’ 79th House seat in Tuesday’s election.

The seat was among the targets in Illinois as the GOP worked at wrestling control away from House Speaker Mike Madigan. Parkhurst won 53% of the vote to Cloonen’s 47%.

Other representatives, Tom Bennett and Chad Hays, were unopposed in their districts for re-election as Republicans.

A statement from Madigan’s office on the election results has Madigan saying “voters clearly stated they wish to maintain a wide Democratic majority in the Illinois House and maintain a strong check on Bruce Rauner and his anti-middle class agenda. Madigan said voters support the vision of the Democratic Party with the victories of Tammy Duckworth and Susanna Mendoza.

Parkhurst said her win is about change. She looks forward to getting to work for the people of the 79th District.

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Rowe wins State’s Attorney race in Kankakee County, Allen loses Treasurer’s office

In a hotly-contested campaign, Jim Rowe earned the voters trust in the race for Kankakee County State’s Attorney. Rowe defeated Republican Ed Glazar 53 - 47%. Rowe said it’s about change and reform in the prosecutors’ office.
Rowe picked up 24,314 votes to Glazar’s 21,282.

Nick Allen was appointed to the Treasurer’s job when Mark Frechette retired. Allen lost his bid to keep the job, losing to Republican Nick Africano. Africano was given 23, 660 votes to Allen’s 21, 262.

The Circuit Clerk’s race went to Sandra Cianci (27,296) over Jeffery Hackley (17, 817).

The Auditor’s contest was won by Jake Lee over Deborah Woodruff 23,394 to 21,098.

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Iroquois County Board to welcome new members

Voters in Iroquois County showed support for new members of the County Board in Tuesday’s election.

Districts 1 and 3 offered voters a choice. Chad McGinnis and Michael McTaggart were winners in District 1. McGinnis grabbed 2259 votes to McTaggart’s 2040. Mack Berry finished with 707.

Charles Alt earned himself 2089 votes in District 3. Marvin Stichnoth was second with 1839. Both win seats. Dustin Wells and Chuck Hartke finished with 1174 and 870 votes, respectively.

In District 2... Gerald ‘Jed” Whitlow, Barbara Offill and Ernie Curtis were un-contested.

District 4 welcomes three newcomers....Kevin Bohlmann, Sherry Johnson and Kevin Coughenour.

County Office-holders win unopposed ---

Three Iroquois County officials won re-election Tuesday. They were all unopposed.

Lisa Hines totaled 11,708 votes for Circuit Clerk, Jim Devine earned 11,373 votes for State’s Attorney, and Bill Cheatum had 11,638 votes for Coroner.

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