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Breakthrough In Foot and Mouth Disease Research


Foot and Mouth disease is one of the most contagious animal diseases on the planet.  Extreme care has been taken to keep it out of the United States.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, reports that a research breakthrough may make the disease more managable and contain an outbreak more humanely: {audio}images/stories/171112.mp3{/audio}
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House Marks Up Farm Legislation


The 2012 Farm Legislation is ready to be introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.  WGFA's Ken Root has been following it closely.  Here is his report: {audio}images/stories/271112.mp3{/audio}
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House Begins Farm Bill Debate As Half of US is In Drought Conditions


The Drought of 2012 is looking as bad as anytime since 1988.  Groups interested in keeping crop insurance coverage strong are lobbying to keep the program in the farm bill debate.  Here's more from WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster,  Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/17912.mp3{/audio}
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Senator Critical of House Payments to Big Farmers


As the Farm bill debate moves to the house of representatives, a long time advocate of payment limits is critical of the initial draft of the House bill.  WGFA's national farm broadcaster, Ken Root, reports on the reaction of Senator Charles Grassley, a champiion of family farmers: {audio}images/stories/27912.mp3{/audio}
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America Is Not Moving Toward Energy Independence


The biofuels industry in the United States is still a small part of the overall energy picture.  It doesn't keep leaders from speaking out about the limited progress we've made toward energy independence.  More from WGFA's Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/27612.mp3{/audio}