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Scout Corn Fields for Aflatoxin


The stressful growing season of 2012 has likley produced a toxin in the corn crop that will be challenging for growers this fall.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, says producers need to identify the problem and prepare to deal with it: {audio}images/stories/18812.mp3{/audio}
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China Integrates Pork Production-Mirroring US Model


China is the world's largest pork producer but has done so in a very inefficient manner.  WGFA's National Farm broadcaster, Ken Root, has a story of chinese producers with larger herds and more integration of production: {audio}images/stories/28612.mp3{/audio}
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House Passes Livestock Disaster Bill


The House of Representatives voted to pass a Livestock Disaster Package yesterday.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, followed the bill as it was debated and finally passed by a vote of 223 to 197.  Maybe a little too close for comfort.  Here's Ken's report: {audio}images/stories/18312.mp3{/audio}
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Vilsack Pops Congress and Agency "Greenies


The Job of US Secretary of Agriculture is not known to be easy, but in the middle of a drought, with Congress making disaster bills makes it particularly challenging.  WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root is following all the tribulations and mis-adventures of the USDA Chief: {audio}images/stories/18612.mp3{/audio}
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Biofuels Create Jobs


While some in Congress are trying to strip out incentives for corn based ethanol production, others are trying to reinstate credits for biodiesel and advanced biofuel production.  Here's more from WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/28312.mp3{/audio}