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Farmers Ready To Rally In Washington, D.C.


There is no farm bill to replace the 2008 legislation that will expire at the end of this month.  Farmers are working two fronts, according to WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root,  stopping the Senate while urging the House to move ahead.  Here is his report: {audio}images/stories/191012.mp3{/audio}
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Biotech Switchgrass May Be Best Ethanol Feedstock

Making ethanol from cellulose plant material is feasible but the plant needs to have lots of starch inside.  WGFA's National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root, reports on research to modify the switchgrass plant to meet the need: {audio}images/stories/29712.mp3{/audio}

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Pork May Get Cheaper

Beef is Expensive but pork supplies are up and producers are sending animals to market at an accelerated rate.  Here's more from WGFA National Farm Broadcaster, Ken Root: {audio}images/stories/19712.mp3{/audio}