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Morning Show Bios


Carl Gerdovich ▬ NEWS & SPORTS

WGFA’s News Director Carl Gerdovich is a 30-year news-sports veteran.  He says his grandmother may have triggered his interest in “what’s going on in the world.”  “When I, my brothers and sister were just little kids, running through the house, grandma would insist we settle down when it was time for the 6pm news…because Walter (Cronkite), Chet (Huntley) and David (Brinkley) had something important we needed to know about.”

Carl often talks about how the “thrill of live radio” and the opportunity to make a difference drives him.  “The adrenaline rush to get a breaking news story on the air and deliver accurate, timely information listeners need to know is what it’s all about,” Carl says, and keeping the community informed is important.

Carl was born and raised in north-central Illinois.  He credits his parents for his work ethic, committing to something and seeing it through to the end, while making sure the end result makes a difference.  Growing up a sports junkie, Carl was inspired by Illinois sports voices Art Kimball and Lanny Slevin.  As a kid, Carl also followed the Illinois sports voices of Dick Martin, Jim Grabowski and Max Hooper on the Bromar Sports Network.  So, the day Dick Martin called to offer Carl a job at WGFA, Carl says “enough said.”

Carl won a news-documentary award for his look back at the 1970 Crescent City train explosion. He also earned spot-news recognition for coverage of the Amtrak train disaster in Bourbonnais and provided continuous news coverage of the FAA probe into the tragic plane crash at Roselawn, IN. Carl says he’s proud to play a role in maintaining WGFA radio’s commitment as “Illiana’s News Source.”

Favorite Food(s): Italian Food

Favorite Sports Teams(s): St. Louis Cardinals


John Gooding ▬ NAFB Farm Broadcaster

John-Pic-Center-Street-1WGFA have been proud to have excellent farm broadcasters on our team. NAFB Farm Broadcaster Ken Root joined our team in 2010, replacing Colleen Callahan who went on to head USDA's Rural Development in Illinois. As Ken planned his retirement in April, 2015, WGFA knew that having a NAFB Farm Broadcaster is important to the local Ag communities. With Ken's help, we are proud to introduce John Gooding as WGFA's New NAFB Farm Broadcaster, a familiar name to many residents of the Illiana area.

John Gooding is a lifelong resident of Iroquois County. He graduated from Sheldon High School and the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He was in the banking business for many years and graduated from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin. John and family continue to operate their Centennial grain and livestock farm. John now resides in Watseka, IL with his wife Tina and is the father of four and grandfather of two.

John is passionate about agriculture and is excited to share his passion with WGFA listeners. He will offer a blend of national, regional, and local information with stories from many people you know. With his quick wit and humor, John is sure to entertain listeners as well as inform them on various topics related to Agriculture.

We're extremely excited to welcome John Gooding on board the WGFA Team!

Movies: Caddyshack, Braveheart, The Great Escape & John Wayne films

Music: Very diverse

TV: 24, Northern Exposure, Homeland, Madmen and Star Trek (next Generation, of course)

Sports Teams: CUBS, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls & everything Fighting ILLINI