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Kankakee murder suspect arrested in Wisconsin

Police in Racine, Wisconsin took a Kankakee murder suspect into custody this week.

19-year-old Rachard (Ruh-Shard) Butler was jailed Thursday in Racine. He was waiting to be brought back to Kankakee to face murder charges for the shooting death of Kenneth Groves last November.

The Racine WI Police Department in cooperation with ‎the Kankakee Police Department arrested Butler on a ‎warrant for the November 23, 2013 murder of Groves. ‎ Groves was killed after being shot at a house party in the 300 block of S. ‎Evergreen Ave.

Working from evidence recovered from the scene and witness ‎information the Kankakee Police quickly identified Butler as the suspect, and ‎received a warrant for his arrest. ‎

Working from information provided by the Kankakee Police Department, Racine Police were able ‎to identify Butler and took him into custody during a traffic stop.

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Cloonen Pushes For Tougher DUI law

KANKAKEE, IL –In an effort to prevent harm to children and motorists, state Representative Kate Cloonen introduced a bill that would increase penalties on drunk drivers when children are passengers in the vehicle.

"We must safeguard our children and other motorists from dangerous threats such as drunk drivers," Cloonen said. "The goal is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roads. This sends a strong message that driving intoxicated, especially while traveling with children, will not be tolerated."

Cloonen is the chief sponsor of House Bill 5797 which would make the first offense for driving under the influence, while carrying a child, a factor in a charge of aggravation. It will also provide that the first conviction of aggravated driving under the influence will require the installation of a Breathalyzer key ignition device, rather than the second conviction as mandated in previous legislation.      {submitted}

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SWCD District Spring Fish Program

Iroquois County Soil and Water Conservation district is taking orders for the Spring Fish Program. Delivery date is scheduled for Monday, March 31stth at the local Watseka office at 8 am SHARP!

Assorted varities include Channel Catfish, Albino Catfish, Hybrid Sunfish, Largemouth Bass , Triploid Gras Carp, Bluegill, Fathead Minnows, Redear, and Hybrid Redear. The fish will be packaged at the office in oxygenated bags. Only those ordering the 2 large catfish sizes will need to bring some of their own pond water - for all others just bring 5 gallon buckets. If ordering Carp, there is a form that needs to be completed by Friday, March 14th. All other fish need to be ordered by Monday, March 24th. To order, or to see a complete listing, please call 815-432-6055 Ext 3.

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Danville fire forces evacuation

Crews responded to a business fire Friday morning at Automotive International in Danville. No one was hurt, but the building was evacuated and a road closed while crews battled it. The fire was out in less than an hour.

The company designs and produces welding machines and equipment. No word on a cause or damage estimate.

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Barickman: Local Schools Pay ‘Corruption Tax” for Chicago

SPRINGFIELD, IL – A scathing report on the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has raised concerns that area school districts are paying a "corruption tax" that subsidizes waste, mismanagement and fraud and shortchanges schools in the 53rd District and across Illinois, State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) says.

Barickman joined other downstate and suburban lawmakers on Thursday, in a renewed push to prioritize education funding and eliminate a special block grant which allows CPS to end-run the school aid formula.

"Schools in my area are owed more than $16 million in backlogged payments, while circumventing the state's allocation formulas allows Chicago schools to get at least $230 million in 'extra' funding from the state," State Senator Barickman said. "At the same time, a recent report from the Chicago Board of Education Inspector General exposed a disturbing pattern of waste, abuse and even outright fraud.

Barickman said the unequal treatment between Chicago and other schools districts "amounts to a corruption tax, because local school districts get shortchanged while the Chicago schools are allowed to go around the allocation formula and that helps offset the money the school district wastes through abuse and fraud."

Barickman explained that the Chicago Board of Education Inspector General's Annual Report for 2013 came to light recently during the Senate's state budget review process.

That report found cases of school administrators faking data and even creating 'ghost students' to pad enrollment and secure more funding.

The waste and fraud identified by the Inspector General was particularly disturbing, Barickman said, because many school districts in the 53rd District and surrounding areas are still owed money by the state, primarily for "mandated categorical" programs such as transportation, special education and free lunch programs for poor children.

According to figures supplied by the Illinois State Board of Education, school districts in the 53rd District, including Pontiac CCSD 429 and Township High School District 90, McLean County District 5, Central CUSD 4 in Iroquois County, El Paso-Gridley, Prairie Central and others are owed just over $8 million, while other area school districts, including Bloomington, Kankakee and Danville are also owed more than $8 million. (Itemized lists attached)

"School districts that are owed thousands of dollars in back payment should be justifiably outraged that they aren't getting the payments they deserve, while the kinds of abuse outlined in the Inspector General's report are occurring," Barickman said.

Earlier this year, a special bipartisan Education Funding Advisory Committee, which Barickman served on, recommended eliminating the Chicago schools block grant.

Barickman said as the committee studied school funding, they found that the special Chicago block grant serves as a separate funding stream granted to Chicago Public Schools that allows the school district to bypass funding formulas used for every other school district in the state.