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Rep. Parkhurst disappointed in Minimum Wage Vote

The Illinois House (Thursday)voted 69-46 to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour within six years. State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst of Kankakee and others voted against Senate Bill 1, saying it's an unfunded mandate that'll cost the state and hurt businesses.

“Illinois is unfriendly to job creators. Illinois’ excessive workers compensation insurance, high taxes, and highest minimum wage in the region, damages and degrades our business climate, Parkhurst said.

Parkhurst said, "I am disappointed Democrats continue the assault on Illinois’ small businesses by passing the minimum wage hike with no negotiation and no input from the Republicans. They simply passed the bill from the Senate without entertaining Republican concerns or suggestions for amendments. This incremental wage increase results in an 82% increase in labor costs for businesses. Inevitably, stores will close, jobs will be lost, prices will increase, and those who Democrats intend to help will only be hurt. History supports this result as this happened in Illinois when it increased the minimum wage in 2010 from $7.25 per hour to $8.25 per hour.

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Congressman Kinzinger deploys To border with his National Guard Unit

An Illinois Congressman is deploying to the border with Mexico with the rest of his Air National Guard unit. Adam Kinzinger represents the state's 16th District and is serving on active duty as a lieutenant colonel. The Republican was elected to Congress in 2010 and is a pilot in the National Guard.

Kinzinger's communications director wrote in a statement that the Congressman will be updated on what's happening in Congress while he serves his mission.

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Rezin, Welter seek meeting with Exelon, will advocate for workers at Dresden, Braidwood stations

State Senator Sue Rezin of Morris and State Representative David Allen Welter of Morris have sent a letter to Exelon Corporation requesting a meeting to discuss the company’s statement in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission that they may close their generating stations at Dresden and Braidwood.

In the letter, Rezin and Welter emphasize the importance of protecting local jobs and the region’s energy infrastructure.

“The news of a potential shutdown of two of our nuclear power plants is extremely concerning to me and no doubt to the individuals and families who would be directly impacted,” said Sen. Rezin. “Not only do these facilities stimulate Illinois’ labor income and employment, but they also provide huge amounts to the local property tax base, supporting our school districts, higher education and local government. It is my hope that Exelon answers our call for a meeting so that we can begin the process of establishing a path forward.”

“Just over two years ago, the state approved a multi-billion dollar package for Exelon to keep their nuclear power plants in the Quad Cities and Clinton open,” Representative Welter said. “The potential closure of Dresden and Braidwood jeopardizes thousands of jobs critical to families. Our local nuclear plants are an integral component of Illinois’ energy infrastructure. I am deeply concerned by Exelon’s statement and will fight to protect the future of workers at the Dresden and Braidwood stations.”

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School consolidation talks continue between Districts #9 and #249 in Iroquois County

Declining enrollment, aging buildings and shortage of teachers finds many school districts looking for answers. In Iroquois County --- The C-I District #249 and Community School District #9 in Watseka will find voters deciding if consolidation will form a new district. A referendum question is on the ballot April 2nd. Both districts’ voters would need to approve the referenda for it to pass. If OK’d, the new district would start up July 1.

An informational meeting Wednesday evening again attracted citizens from both communities to learn the facts. Several good questions and comments were directed toward a better future for children and maybe a better learning environment.

District #249 will host an informational meeting March 21st.

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Delphi, IN murders: Today marks 2-year anniversary

It's a sad anniversary for people in Delphi, Inidiana. Today marks the second anniversary of Libert German and Abigail Williams' murders.  The two young teens were found near railroad tracks back in 2017.  Police say they are still looking for the suspected killer.  Authorities have a description of the suspect, but no arrests have been made.  Any and all leads are welcome.  Contact the Indiana State Police.

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