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VOTER REGISTRATION - County Clerks offer help

County Clerks offer information and answer questions about voter registration and early voting as we approach the November 6 Election.

Despite Tuesday’s deadline to register to vote, Illinois voters can take advantage of grace period registration now and up to Election Day. The Illinois State Board of Elections said no one needs to worry that they missed the deadline.

October 9 was simply the last day to register now, and vote November 6. Now you can register to vote at your election office, but you’ll have to cast a ballot at that time.

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If you’re in the Affordable Care Act marketplace for health insurance in 2019, for the first time in several years the rates have stabilized.

The Illinois Department of Insurance says the lowest cost silver plan decreased four percent and the lowest cost gold plans are down by six percent. The lowest cost bronze plan increased six percent, less than the 20 percent increase last year. Open enrollment begins November 1.

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Iroquois County FY19 budget shows promise

The Iroquois County Board has a proposed fiscal year budget on the table showing a near $29,000 surplus. The budget numbers, approved Tuesday, will be on display awaiting formal approval next month.

Board Chairman John Shure said "the surpluss is good; there was discussion about some items, but it's been resolved."

Shure said discussion, to him, means the county may need to detail how and where funds will be spent.

Comments focused on Shure’s suggestion that maybe public safety funds be used to replace a chiller at the Courthouse. But some, including Sheriff Derek Hagen, argued public safety funds are to be used for public safety --- NOT any capital improvement projects.

The Chairman’s thought on the matter is that,how public safety money is spent. Shure said I thought it was small amount and it's allowed by statute. But most felt the public safety money should only be used for that purpose.

Sheriff Hagen told the Board the chiller at the Cthouse isn’t even a pressing matter.

Board members emphasized again, why the public has been so reluctant to support a tax increase for public safety because it can’t trust the Board to use the money what’s it supposed to be for.

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Watseka Council offers resistance to evaluation of water system

There’s differing views among members of the Watseka City Council about the future of the city’s water works. And the natter could come to a head at the regular meeting of the City Council in a couple weeks.

Discussion during the Public Works committee meeting Tuesday evening got a little testy. Select members of the Council were not in favor of moving forward with an appraisal of the current water system to determine just what the future may hold.

Mayor John Allhands said he believes an appraisal would do everyone good. "An appraisal doesn't mean sell. I think we need to make the best educated decision we can and th at's where the appraisal would lead us," Allhands said.

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Water main break in Watseka

A boil order in Watseka will be in place until further notice after a water main break (Tuesday) forced work crews into emergency mode. Water was flowing along Route 24-East (Walnut Street).

Traffic was re-directed using turn lanes for common-traffic. Construction signs were in place along the work route while repairs were being made.

City officials posted notices advising residents about low water pressure until repairs are completed.

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