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Fire reported at Mussman’s Back Acres egg farm

A five-alarm fire at an egg farm in Grant Park has the attention of several fire departments.

Kankakee County dispatch reports the fire broke out early this (Tues) morning at Mussman's Back Acres Farm.

Mussman’s Back Acres egg farm is located at 9998 N 16000E Road in Grant Park (IL).

There are no reports of any injuries.

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Iroquois County Board re-elects Shure Chairman; Behrends elected Vice-Chaira

*(CORRECTION: wgfanews regrets an error in posting Paul Ducat's name. We incorrectly labled him Larry Ducat earlier.)

There was opposition in Iroquois County Board Chairman Monday evening.  But John Shure was re-elected Chair by the membership, which now includes seven new faces.

Shure was voted in 13-7 to defeat Chad McGinnis.  McGinnis was also nominated to serve as Vice-Chair but lost 12-8 to Lyle Behrends.

The seven new county board members who took their oath include:  Paul Bowers, Paul Ducat, John Zunwalt, Leann Hofbauer-Duby, Roger Bard, Steve Huse and Joe Young.

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Wheeler, Sirois to lead Kankakee County Board

Andy Wheeler was re-elected Chairman of the Kankakee County Board Monday morning.  Todd Sirois of St. Anne will serve as Vice-Chair.

The Board re-organized with newly-elected members taking their oath of office. Wheeler received unanimous approval after serving the last two years as Chairman.  He says the county has made great strides climbing out of the financial hole it's been in.  He said we still have a ways to go, but the goal now is build a surplus upwards toward $5-million plus to avoid having to borrow.

Sirois meanwhile, says maintaining our revenues is key to be better prepared should something sneak up on us.

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Illinois celebrates its Bicentennial today

Happy Anniversary, Illinois! Today (December 3rd) marks the 200th year since Illinois was incorporated into statehood.

An Iroquois County school class extended its happy B-day best to the state. The 4th grade class of Mrs. Jody Munsterman at Crescent City Grade School visited the Old Courthouse Museum in Watseka Friday learning about the Bicentennial. The class sang Happy Birthday to celebrate the day !

The nation's sixth-most populous state was given statehood in 1818, making it the country's 25th state. At the time the state's capital was Kaskaskia before moving to Vandalia and finally settling in Springfield in 1837. Festivities are planned for this evening in Chicago.

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Tornadoes pummel central, southern Illinois communities

The cleanup is underway for a number of towns in central and southern Illinois after several tornadoes cut into the countryside. The National Weather service is reporting 22 tornadoes touched down Saturday afternoon and evening. Dozens of injuries were reported. At least fatality was reported in Missouri.

Governor Bruce Rauner toured Taylorville Sunday, getting a firsthand look at 29 homes destroyed. Reports of nearly 100 other homes were damaged. The governor is asking all property owners to collect receipts and keep good records of their loss.

Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry says there's a lot of work to do over the next several weeks and months. Sight-seers are asked to stay away. Volunteer clean-up crews are welcome, but must register with local officials.

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