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Danforth man dies in Iroquois County crash

A 25-year-old Danforth man was killed Saturday in a one-vehicle crash near Sheldon in Iroquois County.

Edward Black was driving a Jeep eastbound on U.S. Route 52. Illinois State Police reported Black went to pass another vehicle at 1800 E, lost control and rolled the Jeep several times. The victim was ejected.

Police said a a 13-month-old boy was properly secured in a car seat. The boy escaped with just minor injuries. The boy was treated at Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka.
Edward Black was pronounced dead at IMH.

The accident happened just before 2:30 pm.

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East-Central Illinois crashes kill two

Illinois State Police investigated two East Central Illinois accidents Thursday which claimed two lives. One occurred in Champaign, the other in Douglas County.

Forty-five year old Jennifer Rothermel of Homer was killed when the pickup truck she was driving left Illinois Route 49 and ran into a drainage culvert. 18-year-old Thomas Watson of Camargo was pronounced dead along Illinois Route 130 in Douglas County following a head-on collision.

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#9 School Superintendent Lee accepts new position

Watseka Unit Nine School Superintendent Kenneth Lee tendered his resignation Friday.

The six-year school leader in Iroquois County has accepted a new superintendent's post in Grundy County. His new position begins July 1 in the Minooka Community High School District #111.

The Minooka district has an enrollment of 2800 students.

The Unit Nine School Board accepted the resignation at a special meeting Friday afternoon. Lee's resignation is effective June 30th.

Kenny Lee tells WGFA's (Carl Gerdovich) the move is a career advancement after the last six years in Watseka .........

"I'm excited about the opportunity but it's also a bittersweet moment. I've enjoyed every day in Unit Nine and I thank the Board of Education for this opportunity in 2010, " Lee said. "It's been a challenge."

Lee said he appreciates all the community support he's received and for the school board and teachers' support in doing what's best for the students. He said it's important to point out that he's thankful for the courage in making difficult, unpopular decisions when needs are identified.

Lee is a 1994 graduate of PBL High School. He spent 11 years in the education system in Normal (IL) before accepting the superintendent job in Watseka.

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MAPS #124 School Board accepts construction bids

A 6-0 vote by the Milford Area Public School (MAPS #124) District Board of Education Friday is moving the new school construction project forward.

In special session, the board accepted the latest bids for the project. Construction of the new high school and grade school remodeling project should be underway in the next couple weeks, according to Superintendent Dale Hastings (Hey- stings).

Hastings said there was a public question about the project being smaller than first presented. Hastings said "it's not smaller...the specs are all the same, same square footage; there were material changes only to save money."

Equipment could be in place over the next two weeks. Earth work may be started in 3-4 weeks.

Milford area voters approved the $17-million construction period in a building referendum in 2015.

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Kankakee YMCA welcomes conference attendees Saturday

The Kankakee YMCA is hosting the Y Service Clubs International Mid-America Regional Leadership conference today (Saturday). Attendees will include about three-dozen people from YMCA groups across the Midwest.

The conference begins at 10 am. It runs 'til about 1:30 pm.

Representatives from St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago and Kankakee are expected. This marks the first time in many years that Kankakee is serving as host.

Agenda items for the meeting includes YMCA future goals.

The public is welcome. If interested, contact Kay Linder at 815-932-1603 or 815-932-9762.

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