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Jury has the Condon case

The fate of Andrew Condon is the hands of the Iroquois County jury. The 36-year-old rural Ashkum man is charged with the first-degree murder of gas station attendant Jonathan Rubin.

The 27-year-old victim was shot to death, while at work in Gilman, in 2012.

Closing arguments were presented this (Thurs) afternoon. The jury moved to deliberate just before 4 pm.

Defense attorney Ed Glazer told the jury, in his closing, "the state molded a nice case of circumstantial evidence that doesn't fit."

Glazer laid out his thoughts, saying it's all guess work." He said the Crime Scene Techs (CSI) testimony is not all perfect.

Glazer told the jury as they deliberate to remember "there's no clothes, no mask, no gun, no DNA, no blood, no eyewitnesses....it's all guess work.

Iroquois County State's Attorney Jim Devine said defendant Andrew Condon is "an angry, estranged man...who assassinated Jonathan Rubin over something stupid, a lousy pack of cigarettes."

Devine reminded the jury about the testimony, even saying Condon's wife, Amanada, testified that "Andrew had uncontrollable anger, displayed rage over stupid stuff."

Devine said Condon was described as high-strung and that night was accelerated by alcohol, marijuana and rage.

Jonathan Rubin, Devine said, knew nothing about what was to happen to him.

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Andrew Condon: “I swear by my children’s lives, I did not kill Jonathan Rubin”

The seven women – five men jury should have the murder case of Andrew Condon in its hands to decide today (Thursday). Closing arguments in the Iroquois County murder trial will be delivered after a final witness testifies in the Watseka courtroom of Judge Gordon Lustfeldt.

The 36-year-old Condon took the stand in his own defense (Wednesday) The rural Ashkum man told the court he 'was upset, but did not even threaten Rubin at the Gilman gas station in 2012 and when asked by defense attorney Greg Morgan, 'did you shoot Jonathan Rubin,' Condon loudly replied, "No, I swear by my children's lives..."

Condon's been jailed in Watseka since his arrest in November of 2012. He pleaded 'not guilty' when accused of killing the gas station clerk.

Prosecutors say the murder was over a pack of cigarettes Rubin refused to sell to Condon because Condon didn't have an ID.

Condon told the jury he wasn't entirely honest with police during a recorded interview with investigators. He says he was scared and felt like they were zeroing in on him. When asked by Prosecutors why the jury should believe him now, after he admitted he lied to authorities, Condon said he was now under oath and that's the difference.

Condon admitted to being rude and obnoxious and a little buzzed after drinking, but he wasn't that angry at Rubin. He told the jury that he was more upset at the other man in the gas station... that was Jamie Pointer, who Condon said "disrespected me."

Out of desperation, Condon admitted to writing a letter to Pointer asking the potential witness to make a statement that he didn't tell the jury Condon had threatened the clerk. Pointer was a state witness, testifying to the argument he had with Condon at the gas station the night of the murder.

Condon told the jury he was scared when authorities questioned him because that was the first time he had been in, what he called serious trouble, with the law. Prosecutors revealed Condon had been arrested several times, including the day he was questioned.

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Murder-suspect Condon expected to testify in Iroquois County trial

Accused-killer Andrew Condon is scheduled to take the stand in his own defense today (Wednesday). The trial resumes at 9:30 am in Watseka.

The 36-year-old rural Ashkum man is charged in the shooting death of 27-year-old Jonathan Rubin of Danforth. Rubin was killed, shot several times, while working as a gas station clerk in Gilman in October 2012.

Condon has pleaded 'not guilty,' saying he was not the shooter.

The State's case includes video surveillance at the gas station. The jury watched that video and heard police investigators say 16 spent 9mml casings found at the scene matched a 50-count box of 9 mml ammunition recovered from Condon's home. That box of ammo was missing exactly 16 shells.

Condon had told police in an early interview that there was a black male subject at the gas station the night Condon stopped there with his wife to buy a pack of cigarettes.

A defense witness testified that his trained-technology know-how leads to his opinion that the shooter stood 5-4....three inches shorter than Condon's 5-7 stature.

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Ready for the March 2016 Primary Election ?

                        Petition circulation period starts September 1

Candidates interested in running for elected-office in the March 15 Illinois Primary should note you can begin circulating nomination petitions Tuesday, September 1.

The first day for candidates of established political parties to file their nomination papers with their respective county clerk's office is Monday, November 23. The filing period runs thru Monday, November 30.

Several positions in both Ford and Iroquois County up for election in 2016. Included are the offices of Circuit Clerk, State's Attorney, Coroner and also County Board members and Precinct Committeemen.

Questions can be directed to the Iroquois County Clerk's Office in Watseka at 815-432-6960 or Ford County Clerk's Office in Paxton at 217-379-9400.

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'Boma Field' dedication Friday

Officlals at Iroquois West High School and the Raider-community is renaming the high school football field.  'Boma Field' will honor the late John Boma.  A dedication ceremony is set for Friday, August 28, at 6:30 pm.  

Coach Boma started his coaching and teaching career at Iroquois West in 1972.  He became the Head Football Coach in 1975.  Boma led the Raiders to 145 victories, several playoff appearances and two state semi-finals.  He was inducted into the Illinois High School Coaches Hall of Fame in 1988. 

Coach Boma passed away July 16, 2015.

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