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Unemployment rates up

Illinois continues to make adjustments to work through the COVID-19 mitigation plan and the Ptitzker administration rules for the pandemic.  September's unemployment rates are up and jobs are down in all 14 Metro areas.  The state unemploment rate during September was at 9.8%, up from 3.5% last September. Kankakee unemployment in September came in at 8.1 percent, up from 4.1 in September of 2019.  Ford and Iroquois County unemployment is listed at 5.4%...up from 3.6% in September of 2019.  The Vermilion County rate is at 8.4%, up from 4.7% last September.  Champaign County unemployment is at 6.0%, up from 3.3% last September.  The Bllomington-Normal area is listed at 6.3%.  That's up from 3.5 a year ago.

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