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WEATHER: Cool and Windy Weekend

                                 Time to scrape that windshield

A freeze warning was right-on this (Fri) morning. And that seasonal approach to the colder weather appears to be with us. Cooler temps so far today also finds pleasant sunshine covering Illiana. But you also need that light jacket with the nippy winds. High pressure is going to keep things clear throughout Friday with temperatures staying on the cool side only topping off in the upper 50s heading into afternoon hours. Winds mat gust near 30 mph from the southwest.

Temperatures move back to that chilly range Friday night, readings in the 30’s. Another forst advisory is posted. Be ready to scrape that windshield and allow yourself a few extra minutes to warm up in the morning.
Saturday will be slightly warmer than the past few days reaching the low 60s, however there is a fire watch set throughout the day as winds will be gusting up to 45 miles per hour from the south. A very windy weekend to say the least!!


This will be a pretty gloomy week with plenty of cloud cover, cool temperatures, and multiple chances of rain. The rain will be beneficial after the many dry weeks we have had, but this will come with temperatures over 10 degrees cooler than normal most days. The nice thing is that we do anticipate a warm up towards the end of next week.

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