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Several field fires fueled by high winds

Fire crews from several counties were spread out over central Illinois and Indiana yesterday. They battled field fires fueled by 40-50 mph winds. Farm fields were damaged, some destroyed. Some farm buildings were also lost.
One of those fires in Iroquois County had smoke spreading across the western parts of the county, even affecting Kankakee County. Several people reported visibility problems.

Danforth Fire Chief Jason Brown posted an appreciation note to several mutual aid responders for help battling the field fire that was ‘one of the biggest field fires he’d ever experienced; the flames and smoke traveled some four miles and three-quarters of a mile wide in areas. Brown said that 13 departments and upwards of 10 farmers helped with discs and chisel plows to try to stop the spread. Damage estimates to crops and fields are being assessed.

Field fires were also reported in Ford, Livingston, Champaign and Piatt and Coles Counties.

There were 30-50 acres of corn lost in a field fire in Boone County, IN.

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