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Mayor Wells-Armstrong breaks tie, Council OK’s ordinance to impose fines for non-compliance of wearing masks

It took a tie-breaking vote from Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong (Tuesday night). The Kankakee City Council approved an ordinance that subjects Kankakee businesses to a fine – if they don’t enforce the wearing of a mask by the public. The state of Illinois has authorized the County health departments to take control and enforce such action in the County. This local, municipal ordinance allows for Kankakee City Police to impose fines. The Illinois State Police is also allowed to issue warnings/fines to any business not in compliance with the mask requirement.

The city administration further clarifies, citizens will not be fined $750 for not wearing a mask in the city. No dollar amount is mentioned in the ordinance. The city will continue to follow state guidelines with social distancing and leave it at the discretion of the municipality to enforce.

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