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Indiana Beach re-opens

Indiana Beach is back and as popular as ever. The popular amusement park and entertainment venue welcomed back its guests over the weekend. And new owner, Gene Staples, says “we’ll make progress little by little getting back to where we want to be.”

The beach resort was closed for some five-months after the previous owner reported it was unable to find a buyer. Staples emerged and pledged to bring back the popular get-away. He called Saturday’s 6/27 re-opening “an emotional day and a relief.”

For visitors and employees, the re-opening was like homecoming.

Indiana Beach workers held a ceremony in celebration of the park re-opening. Then VIP guests were admitted into the park.

A day full of emotions that new Indiana Beach owner Gene Staples felt.

"It's just a relief that we got it open. It's not as perfect as I want but we'll get there and I'm just hoping that everyone's happy with what we've accomplished," said Staples. Staples said while he is thrilled to have the park back up and running the progress doesn't stop there. He said improvements will come.

Management at Indiana Beach chose not to speak on the park re-opening during COVID-19. A full statement in regards to COVID-19 is posted on the Indiana Beach website.

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