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Iroquois Memorial Hospital Receives ICAHN Emergency Medical Service

- Iroquois Memorial Hospital was one of fifteen recipients that received a cash award for the ICAHN EMS Education Award this year. “The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education Award is available to all Illinois Critical Access hospitals. The intent of this award is to provide funding for hospital EMS to conduct local EMS education programs and assist local units with updates on billing practices or leadership development, including EMS Needs Assessment. In order to qualify for this award, recipients were required to complete a detailed application form answering various questions and elaborating on how the award would be used.”

IMH chose to put the cash award towards cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training materials such as instrumented directive feedback devices or manikins. Having this equipment for training will provide students with real-time, audio-visual corrective feedback on aspects such as chest compression rate, depth, and recoil.

“I would like to thank ICAHN for the grant to obtain the Emergency Medical Training Equipment,” says Anne Romadka, RN BSN, Employee Health and Education Nurse. “Approximately 70% of IMH Employees are certified by the American Heart Association to perform Basic Life Support (CPR). The new training equipment allows these employees to practice their hands on resuscitation skills.

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