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Iroquois County: COVID-19 preparedness and response

                          No confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday 3/25/20

Iroquois County Public Health Department (ICPHD) reports as of now, there are no laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Iroquois County. All test results received thus far have been negative.
ICPHD will inform the public as soon as possible should a confirmed case of COVID-19 involve an Iroquois County resident.

“COVID-19 is just another disease we’re trying to get a handle on in our community and implement control measures to keep everyone safe,” ICPHD Administrator Dee Ann Schippert said. “We do this with other viruses, even though this is unique.”

Schippert said “we continue to preach common safety measures to the public to protect their health.”

The Iroquois County Public Health Department is working closely with Illinois Department of Public Health and numerous local organizations, including Iroquois County EMA, Iroquois Memorial Hospital, emergency responders (EMS, law enforcement, fire departments, 911 dispatch), and several long-term care facilities. Each morning these organizations are brought together virtually through the Iroquois County Emergency Operation Center (EOC) to conduct briefings, communicate needs, and coordinate efforts. This cooperation ensures Iroquois County’s joint preparedness for COVID-19.

Although testing is a priority in our COVID-19 response efforts, not all individuals need to be tested. Coronavirus testing is being prioritized for severely ill patients and at-risk congregate populations. Those that think they may have COVID-19 but are not severely ill, should consult with their physician, by telephone if available, and STAY HOME, unless it is an emergency. This minimizes possible exposures to healthcare workers, patients, and the public and reduces the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE).

ICPHD received a shipment of requested PPE from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) last week. Through the EOC, local agencies have been requesting and sharing resources, such as PPE, to ensure that all local agencies have necessary supplies.

We strongly recommend to continue social distancing and other safety measures, with adherence to the Governor’s Shelter at Home requirement.

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