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Iris Treado: Indiana’s EMT-of-the-Year

It was a calling; actually a career-calling for Iris Treado. And she’s loved every minute of it !

The long-time member of Newton County, INDIANA’s ambulance service was recently named the EMT-of-the-Year for the state of Indiana. And if you talk to anyone in Newton County’s emergency response circle, they’ll tell you ‘Iris is and has been a godsend.’

On a newly-produced program in the Newton County Sheriff’s Department called ‘On the Road,’ Captain Shannon Cothran highlights activities within Newton County government. And this week, Captain Cothran gives Iris Treado a big pat-on-the back, congratulating her for years of dedicated and devoted service to the people of Newton County and beyond.

Iris says she loves her job in emergency service and she owes a lot to her mentor – the late Lou Warne – who disciplined her in a job she loves so much………

"I am so grateful to Lou.  She taught me and disciplined me," Iris said of her friend. "This job was a calling and I'm so glad God called me to do this." 

Iris Treado was nominated for EMT-of-the-Year honors by Tony Van Veanum, Director of the Ambulance Service. Iris is recognized for her 26 years in the service, but also for countless hours as a volunteer. Iris began her trek in Civil Defense, got involved in EMT class instruction. And today, she says, learning never ends ……….

They say if you do a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life."

Iris has had her role in emergency services since the age of 13. She often acted or served as victim while her dad taught First Aid in Germany. She joined the Youth Red Cross at age 15. In Germany, the Red Cross handles emergency calls. Over the years. Iris has watched and learned as the ambulance service evolved. Ambulances today are larger, better equipped, better lighted and designed for superior response scenes. She also says AEDs (Automated External Defibulators) have saved so many lives.

Iris Treado is among the best, most dedicated and much-appreciated in Newton County. She is Indiana’s EMT-of-theYear.

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