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Vermilion County approves near $40-mil FY20 budget

Funding a Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC) was one of the challenges for the Vermilion County Board, but the Board (Tuesday) did approve its fiscal year 2020 budget. Chairman Larry Baughn explained the state statute requires government to fund a VAC. That was one of the matters the board's finance people were able to get done in approved the FY20 budget and tax levy.  Baught thanks the people involved in getting the bottom line approved, adding the $40-million budget still has one of the lowest deficits in the last eight years.  He says efforts will contiue in working toward a balanced budget.  Baughn said the levy totals about $14.6 million. The expenses, he adds, are still at about what was expected.  The new FY20 budget begins December 1.

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